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How to Choose and Purchase Screw Oil Press?

Why these motor powers of many screw oil press are different, even if the capacity is same, the powers are also different? The motor power is greater, the capacity is higher, and the machine is better, is it right?
Screw oil press is driven by the motor. The motor is the important part in the screw oil press equipment. Many friends have a misunderstanding to the power in the purchase, thought that the power is larger, the machine is better. In fact, it’s not. In fact, improve motor power as the high yield and capacity basis is not reliable. Motor power has a great influence on the long-term production of machine and the machine life.
Summarized the reasons as the following elements:
1. Increase press oil production cost, and the power consumption was improved.

oil-press-machien images2

2. Just improving motor power destroyed the machine's overall speed ratio. Motor power was increased, reducer speed ratio was unchanged, it will cause reducer runs non-normally and high-load for long-term, resulting in shortening the life of reducer, high failure rate, and impact production. Even if the reducer increase as the speed ratio, but the pressing chamber and pressing screw do not increase size, also lead the pressing screw speed is too fast. Oil crops were not squeezed fully in the pressing chamber, and flow out from the outlet with oil, thus reduce the oil yield.

3. Blindly increasing the power, in the processing, if there was foreign matter and hard objects in the oil, the oil press machine can not stop automatically, then the machine will force to press the foreign matter. It is easy to damage theoil equipment; and cause rupture of pressing screw and pressing chamber, and protection function of the oil press machine itself will doesn’t work.

In the above condition, when the machine is working, the machine is not running stably. So the oil press machine often breaks up, such as, the spare parts was damaged, it is difficult to produce stably and highly for a long time.

In simple terms, this kind of change is just like installed an aircraft turbine engine in a car body.
Therefore, the capacity and size of oil press machine must be scientific cooperate to achieve the best effect. If you want to improve the capacity, keep the stable of oil yield and stable running of screw oil press machine for a long time, must be motor power, pressing chamber, gearbox improve at the same time. It is unrealistic just through changing the structure of machine to increase the oil output and improve the equipment performance, and can not reach the desired effects.