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Automatic Screw Oil Press

Automatic Screw Oil Press
As one kind of screw oil press, automatic oil press is the most popular type and covers larger market share. Based on the traditional design, the automatic oil press has improved its configuration and the whole body seems beautiful. It is equipped with automatic temperature- controlling and oil-cleaning system, which is a great progress compared to traditional oil presses. 
Automatic Screw Oil Press Application and Market
This automatic oil press is capable of extruding soybean, peanut, rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame, camellia, sunflower, tung tree seed, olive, coconut, palm fruit (nuts), grainy oil plant seeds, as well as rice bran, corn germ, powdery materials and small batches of wild oil plants like safflower. It applies to small and medium-sized sized oil extrusion workshops or individual households.
The Features and Advantages of Automatic Screw Oil Press
1. This piece of equipment includes feeder, oil filter press, oil pressing machine and electronic control cabinet. All parts of the sesame oil press can be dismantled, installed and maintained easily.
2. Used for hot extrusion and cold extrusion. It has high oil yield and produces qualified edible oil; Besides, the oil cakes are in good condition, thus cab be sold out at a good price or utilizes as fertilizer or animal feed.
3. Purer oil. As it is equipped with two vacuum oil tanks to filter pressed oil, the finished oil can be directly edible. Thus reduces pressing cost.
4. Easy operation, convenient and safe. Can be connected with a computer-based system for automatic production control.
5. High-quality steel ensures sanitary pressing and reliable performance.
6. The press is compact and requires little space. 
The Automatic Screw Oil Press Specification and Technical Data

Model Capacity(T/D) Power(Kw) Outside Size(mm) Weight(kg)
 6YL-80A  2-3  5.5  1760*1050*1850  600
 6YL-95A  3-5  7.5  2050*1050*1850  940
 6YL-120A  4-6  11  2220*1050*1850  1200
 6YL-120CA  7-9  15  2340*1050*1850  1300
 6YL-130A  9-12  18.5  2450*1100*1950  1500
 6YL-160A  13-18  22  2600*1200*1950  1680