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Hydraulic Oil Press

Hydraulic Oil Press
Automatic hydraulic oil press is the most advanced oil press. It is considered as an ideal equipment to instead of the traditional hand-operated oil pressing. Charactered by the purer oil, high oil output and least wear rate, it gains most popularity in small and medium oil mills.
Hydraulic Oil Press Application and Advantages
The main processing oil plant seeds are sesame, walnut, camellia, pine nuts( The peeled one is the most), almond and other high oil plants.
Compact structure, thus small-land area is enough; besides, the simple design makes it easy to learn and operate.
Low electricity consumption and other expenses during use.
The oil press adopts imported high-quality silicon-manganese material for main components which ensures its good performance.
Hydraulic Oil Press Working Principle
In the hydraulic oil press, the oil tube connects oil pump and the hydra-cylinder. There are pistons on oil pumps and hydra-cylinders respectively; thus forms a closed system. When there is little pressure exerted on the oil pump pistons, by way of the oil, the intensity of pressure is transferred to the pistons on the hydra-cylinder; as the pistons on the two devices have different diameters, this diameter difference creates quite huge working thrust which makes the oil press operates.  

We offer you the 6YZ-260 specification and technical data

1 Type 6YZ-260
2 Size(L×W×H) 800*700*1400
3 Weight 850KG
4 KN Pressure 1900KN
5 Max Work Pressure 55Mpa
6 Heating Ring Power 2KW
7 Heating Ring Control Temperature 70-100℃
8 Sesame Feeding / Time  7-8KG
9 Motor Power Y901-4  1.5KW