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Frame Oil Filter

Frame Oil Filter 
Frame oil filter is used for filtering dregs such as solid residue, water from the crude oil and improve oil quality. It is made of up stainless steel because of the further processing of edible oil, which ensures the oil sanitation. 
Frame Oil Filter Structure
This frame oil filter is composed of filter plates, filter frames, oil pump and filter cloth, etc. The filter cloth is fixed between filter plates and filter frames. Filter plates and filter frames form an independent filter chamber, while the cloth fixed between them worked as a filtering medium to purify the crude oil. The filter cloth is especially made with as much mesh as possible to produce much purifier edible oil.
Frame Oil Filter Working Principle
When the crude oil is pressed into the filtering machine,under the different pressure in and outside the machine,the crud oil go through the filtering cloth and come out from the pipe under the filter plate,while the oil dreg remains on the surface of the filtering cloth, thus realizing the filtering operation.
The Advantages of Frame Oil Filter
1. It adopts the high-pressure, low-noise oil pump and avoids noise-pollution.
2. The compact structure makes it beauty and small-area covered.
3. Easy to operate and install gains wide popularity.
4. High oil filtering rate and purifier edible oil.
5. Low maintenance cost and energy consumption.

Specification and Technical Data

Model Capacity (KG/ H) Power(KW)
6LB-250 50-100 0.75
6LB-350 100-200 1.1
6LB-400 350 1.1
6LB-500 500 1.5
6LB-650 1000 1.5