Oil Press Machine

Equipped with automatic temperature-controlling and oil filtering device, automatic screw oil press is more efficient and labor-saving.


The Screw oil press is a popular type of oil press machine, mainly composed of feeder, gearbox, pressing chamber and oil receiver. Make full use of your abundant oil seeds and start a low investment business, don’t miss our screw oil press.

This oil production line can process more than 20 kinds of oilseeds such as peanut, soybean, sunflower seeds, palm kernel, rapeseed, castor seeds, flax seeds, sesame, walnut, pine nut, mustard seeds, moringa seeds, etc. It mainly includes an oil seed roasting machine, an oil press machine, and an edible oil refinery. We will customize the oil production line according to your raw materials and desired handling capacity.

Main Features

  • Can process more than 20 kinds of oilseeds.
  • The capacity can be designed up to 100 tons per day.
  • On-site installation and training support.
  • Easy operation, small land occupation.
  • High efficient, stable performance.
sesame oil

Refining is an essential process for a complete oil pressing line.
We can provide turnkey oil refining solutions with 1-20T/D capacities.

crude vegetable oil refinery plant

Oil Refinery Plant Features

  • Edible Oil Refining Process: Crude Oil Degumming. Neutralization. Bleaching. Deodorization. Dewaxing.
  • Main Equipment Include Decoloring Tank. Deodorizing tank. Oil furnace. Vacuum pump. Air compressor. Filter press. Steam generator.
  • Various kinds of oil can be refined by our oil refining machines such as peanut oil, sunflower seeds oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, rapeseed oil, etc.
  • The complete oil refining plant can work independently or with the whole oil production line.
  • The capacity of edible oil refining plants can be customized.


hydraulic oil press machine

hydraulic oil press is featured by its flexibility and efficiency. It is considered to be ideal oil pressing equipment for home use. The fast pressing process ensures you eat fresh and assured edible oil at any time.

Oil Seed Roaster

Oilseed roaster is used for hot extrusion. Some oilseeds that are suitable for hot express will have high oil output and qualified edible oil. Temperature computer controlling. Operate smoothly

Frame Oil Filter

Frame oil filter is used for filtering dregs from the crude oil and improving oil quality. The stainless steel material ensures oil sanitation. The small body makes it widely used in many oil mills and oil processing plants.

Vertical Cooker

The vertical cooker is suitable for the continuous cooking of various oilseed flakes in the oil pressing and solvent extraction process. Automatic material charging, convenient control.

Peanut Shelling Machine

Must have equipment for peanut oil processing line. High peeling rate, large capacity from 400kg/h – 3000kg/h. Easy operation and reliable performance.

Oil Cake Pellet Machine

Must have equipment for peanut oil processing line. High peeling rate, large capacity from 400kg/h – 3000kg/h. Easy operation and reliable performance.


We offer you professional solution on pressing various oil seed; offer technical support on installation, operation and troubleshooting of oil press,oil filter,oil refinery machine and oil production line.

20T/D Peanut Oil Plant

The peanut oil plant is with high peanut oil extraction rate; Less electricity consumption and more clean working condition. All machines can be customized to your requirement.


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