Cotton Seeds Oil Refinery Plants

The Features of Cotton Seeds Oil Refinery Plants:
1. Wide application:
Various kinds of oil can be refined by our oil refining machines, especially cotton seeds.
2. Multifunction: Including degumming, neutralization, bleaching, deodorization and dewaxing (optional).
3. No need for specially designed workshop.

Main Steps of Cotton Seeds Oil Refining:
1. Crude Oil Degumming.
In this step gum in crude oil is removed by hydration with the help of phosphoric acid.
2. Neutralization. In this step free fatty acids are neutralized by using sodium hydroxide and converted into soap. Additional impurities are also removed by adsorption of the soap.
3. Bleaching. During bleaching, unwanted pigments are adsorbed physically and oil will become much clearer.
4. Deodorization. Deodorization is used to remove unacceptable odors by steam distillation, the odoriferous compound are stripped off with the help of live injected steam into heated oil under high vacuum pressure.
5. Dewaxing (necessary for cold areas).
Some kinds of oil like sunflower, maize germ or corn oil have waxes inside, if these impurities are not removed, the oil will freeze easily under low temperature, and thus oil quality and appearance would be effected. So this process is necessary in extremely cold areas.

cotton seed oil refinery plants 01

cottonseeds oil refinery plants

What is Cottonseed Oil?
Cottonseed oil is classified as a kind of vegetable oil.
It is extracted from the cotton plant, or more accurately from the seeds, and is generally used for cooking. Seed oils are preferred for diets that require lowered intakes of saturated fats. This makes cottonseed a kind of good oil for preparing healthier foods.
Cottonseed oil contains pressing cottonseed oil, solvent extraction cottonseed oil, genetically modified organism cottonseed oil, crude cottonseed oil, and finished product of cottonseed oil. Its color is deeper red than other oils, can be used as cooking oil after refining. It contains a large sum of fatty acid which is essential to human body. Yet, if people eat crude cottonseed oil, it will cause damage to spermatogenic cells, and lead to aspermia and sterility.

Composition and Content of Cottonseed Oil:
Refined cottonseed oil is  usually pale yellow or dark red. Its fatty acid generally includes 21.6-24.8% palmitic acid, 1.9-2.4% stearic acid, 0.1% arachic acid, 18.0-30.7% oleic acid, and 44.9-55.0% linoleic acid. Refined clear cottonseed oil can be used as cooking food because of the loss of gossypol and other toxic substance . Clear cottonseed oil contains a large quantity of linoleic acid, so it can prevent the increase of cholesterol and maintain human body health as well. Human body consumption of cottonseed oil is up to 98%.

cotton seeds oil

cottonseed oil

cottonseeds oil

cotton seed oil

Cottonseed Oil Needs Refining:
It is said that refining process can reduce toxicity.
Cottonseed oil is one of main cooking oil. But crude cottonseed oil contains gossypol (approximate 1%), colloid and waxiness (content varies with shell content), and the quality is poor. It isn't good to eat it directly. The refining technology is also complex.
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