Solution to Cooking Oil Production Line for The Newer

1. The first problem is feedstocks.
a. The feedstocks can be peanut, sunflower seed, apricot kernel, soybean, green bean, rapeseed, cotton seed, sesame, rice bran, tea seed, bancoul nut, zanthoxylum bungeanum seed, maize germ, corn, oil palm fruit pericarp, Chinese tallow tree seed, linseed, etc.
b. You must have the stable source of feedstocks so that the cooking oil production line goes well.



oil bearing seeds


2. Then you need consider your handling capacity per day.
We have many different specifications of oil press machines. According to your feedstocks per day you can choose the suitable one, so that you can supply sufficient edible oil to your customers and work efficiently with your workers. Please check the products for the details including technical data. 


oil bearing materials and oil mill

3. Next choos the scale you want.
You also have to take the space of your plant into consideration, including the space of oil equipment and the warehouse of raw material and oil product.
4. The investment cost. It is convenient to calculate the cost and benefit.


cooking oil plant

5. How many workers do you want to employ?
It is another factor which will influence the work efficiency.

6. As soon as these problems above have been confirmed, generally you can start the production.


edible oil production line


7. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us. It is really our honor to serve you. We will supply our customers with various oil press machines wiht high quality, best price, and excellent service.