Some Problems You Will Have in Your Cooking Oil Business

Before you purchase oil press or you start your press oil workshop, you must have some problems. We will give you some answers in the hope to help you.

What’s the oil yield of our oil press?
Different oil crop has different oil content, so the oil extraction rate is also different. Our oil residual rate is 6-8%. The oil content and oil extraction rate of every oil crop is at the below chart just for your reference.

Oil crop Oil content         Oil extraction rate
Sesame 42-55% 45-55%
Peanut  40-53% 40-50%
Rape seeds  28-45% 30-45%
Sunflower seeds  35-48% 32-42%
Soya beans  15-26% 12-18%
Cotton seeds  16-27% 11-25%
Corn germ  30-48% 28-35%
Coconut 63-70% 25-35%
Palm kernel  40-50% 46%
Almond 45-64% 20-46%

What’s our oil press application raw material?
Our oil press can press almost all the oil crops, including peanut, soya bean, sesame, rapeseeds, coconut, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, corn germ, palm kernel, almond, etc.

What’s your raw material, and what’s your quantity, you need confirm before you start your business.
According to your detail requirements, we will recommend you suitable oil press model for you and we will also give you some reasonable advices. As to the area of your plant, 10-20㎡ is enough. Our salesman will give you the detail technical parameter and the dimension of our oil press if you need.

What’s the purpose of de-oil cake after pressing oil crops?
We provide 4 ways to turn waste into money:
1. As feed for poultry, domestic animals and fish;
2. As base fertilizer for flowers, plants, crops and garden stuff;
3. As industrial fuel for factory;
4. It is also can be used as food additives, or making pickled peanut.

integrated screw oil press image

Do you need a filter after the oil pressing process?
We have automatic screw oil press that belongs to full automatic integration oil press. It is equipped with filter which would achieve the oil pressing and filtering at the same time.

Is the oil edible directly after the pressing?
We give you the positive answer. The oil can be cooking directly, and there is no need for other processing (such as refining). In generally, peanut oil, sesame oil, rape seeds oil all belong to the common oil.

The pretreatment before oil pressing
You can prepare a frying pan, and fry oil seeds before pressing, thus it can improve oil yield and the oil will be more delicious. Of course, we also can provide customer with  frying pan of high quality and the most competitive price.

May be you will be worried about that you cannot install and use. May be you will have this question: “Would you send technicians to install and guide?”
As for independent single machine, in generally, we won't send professional technicians because of the high cost. However, it is simple and convenient to operate. We will provide you the English installation, operating instructions and video. Then the process would be easy for you to grqasp.

How long do you need to replace the oil press machine parts?
Usually six months, the time varies with use intensity and operating conditions of customer.
Warm tips:
1. We also have some customers who live in remote areas. It is not very convenient to use electric. We can help customers equip with a diesel engine group.
2. Your local voltage may be different with China. We can help you to change the motor to fit it.

If you still have some other question, please feel free to contact us directly. We are your sincerely friends.