Soybean Oil Press

Automatic Screw Oil Press
Automatic Screw Oil Press is an ideal machine for pressing soybean.

The Features of Automatic Screw Oil Press:
1. Can be used for both hot extrusion and cold extrusion.
2. High oil yield and good condition oil cake.
3. High purity edible oil.
As equipped with two vacuum oil tanks to filter pressed oil, the finished oil is of high purity.
4. Sanitary and dural. The automatic machine is made of carbon steel.
5. Safety and convenience. The whole process is controlled by PLC system, making it more safe and easy to operate.

soybean oil press

What is soybean oil?
Soybean oil is a vegetable oil extracted from soybean seeds. The quantity of Soybean oil ranks first all over the world.
There are many kinds of soybean oil. Ato processing methods,  there are pressing soya bean oil and solvent extraction soya bean oil. According to the type of soybean, it contains crude soya bean oil and genetically modified organism soya bean oil. The colors of crude soya bean oil vary with the breed of soybean. In generally, the color is yellowish, light green, puce, etc. Refined soya bean oil is yellowish. The  soybean oil with deep color have beany flavor, and also its thermostability is poor. When heating, the soybean oil will produce more bubbles. Soybean oil contains more linolenic acid, easily to oxidate and produce “bean smell”.

Soya bean oil is a kind of frequently-using cooking oil which is commonly sais soybean salad oil. Soybean oil is extracted from the seeds of the soybean seeds through cold pressing or hot pressing. About cold pressing oil, it has light color and light soybean flavor. As for hot pressing oil, the high-temperature processing has lead to high oil yield. Whereas the color is deeper with the thick bean smell. According to the process, it contains crude soybean oil, filtered soybean oil, refined soybean oil. Crude soybean oil is tawny, whereas most of refined soybean oil is yellowish with large stickiness. If soybean oil is exposed to air for a long time, the surface of soybean oil will appear unstable film. Soybean oil nutrition value is higher than other oil, many people in China like it.


soybean oil

soybean oil 1 

soya bean oil

The effect of dietotherapy:
The soybean oil flavor is sweet and slightly spicy, hot in nature, low toxicity. It has the effect of expelling parasite and relaxing intestinal tract, also it can treat intestinal obstruction, constipation impassability and detoxify etc.

The composition of soybean oil:
Soybean oil contains 7-10% palmitic acid, 22-30% oleic acid, 2-5% stearic acid, 50-60% linoleic acid, 1-3% arachic acid, 5-9% linolenic acid.

In terms of nutrition value:
The composition of soybean oil is better, it is rich in linoleic acid, which can reduce the content of serum cholesterol obviously, prevent cardiovascular disease. In addition, soybean contains a lot of vitamin E, vitamin D, and abundant lecithin, all of them are of benefit to human body. Furthermore, human body consumption to soybean oil is up to 98%, so soybean oil is a kind of cooking oil with high nutrition value.

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