Cooking Oil Pre-pressing Introduction

Large-scale cooking oil plant adopts mechanical pressing to extract oil from oilseeds. It applies pressure to the oilseeds to release the oil. Then the pre-pressed cake is sent to the solvent extraction plant. This oil press machine is suitable for many seed oil processing, such as peanut/groundnut, sunflower seed, palm kernel, copra, mustard, cottonseed, castor, sesame, canola/rapeseed, flax seed, corn germ, etc. The pre-pressing step prepares the oilseeds for subsequent solvent extraction or refining. Whether oil pre-pressing is needed is related to the oil content of the oil seeds.

Oil Pre-Pressing Capacity and Efficiency

  • Oil Press Capacity Range: The Oil pre-press machines have a capacity ranging from 10 to 200 tons per day (TPD).
  • Oil Extraction Efficiency: The cooking oil Pre-press machine can extract about 70% of the oil in the oilseeds.

Suitability of Oilseeds for Different Oil Extraction Processes

Pre-Pressing (Oil Content > 20%)

An Oil Pre-press process is needed if the oil content is over 20%. Oil seeds: Sunflower seeds, peanuts, rapeseed, cottonseed, etc.

Suitable Oilseeds

Sunflower Seeds: High oil yield; ideal for mechanical pressing.
Peanuts/Groundnuts: Rich in oil; pre-pressing followed by oil solvent extraction maximizes yield.
Rapeseed/Canola: High oil content suitable for initial mechanical extraction and then oil solvent extraction maximizes yield.
Cottonseed: Contains significant oil; pre-pressing is effective.

Solvent Extraction (Oil Content < 20%)

Oil Solvent extraction is adopted if the Oil content is less than 20%. Oil seeds: Soybeans, rice bran, etc

Suitable Oilseeds

Soybeans: Lower oil content; solvent extraction ensures maximum oil recovery.
Rice Bran: Typically processed through solvent extraction due to low oil content.

Cooking Oil Pre-press Machine

In a large-scale cooking oil plant, the method of oil extraction varies depending on the oil content of the oilseeds. Mechanical oil pressing is a common method used for seeds with high oil content, while solvent extraction is preferred for seeds with lower oil content. A cooking oil pre-press machine is a key piece of equipment in the oil extraction process, specifically designed to handle the initial phase of extracting oil from oilseeds and nuts. The common oil press machine is mainly used in the cooking oil pre-pressing process, however, the palm oil press machine is a special oil press machine.

Cooking Oil Press Machine Oilseed Pre-pressing Machine

Benefits of Using an Oil Pre-press Machine

  • Efficiency: Pre-press machines enhance the overall efficiency of the oil extraction process by reducing the volume of material that needs to be handled in the final oil pressing or oil solvent extraction stage.
  • Cost-effective: By extracting a significant portion of oil initially, the energy and time required for final extraction are reduced, lowering operational costs.
  • Quality Improvement: Pre-pressing helps maintain the quality of the oil by reducing the risk of overheating and degradation during final oil pressing.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of oilseeds and nuts, making it a versatile choice for cooking oil plants.

Our Cooking Oil Pre-pressing Machines Advantages

1. Able to process a variety of oilseeds: peanuts, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seeds, sesame, etc.
2. The expansion process is optional to save energy and obtain high-quality oil.
3. Large processing capacity. High oil extraction rate and stable performance. Low power consumption. Low operation cost.
4. The pre-pressed cake structure is loose but not crushed. Creating a good condition for subsequent solvent extraction plants.
5. Customized design according to customers’ requirements, matches your cooking oil production capacity.
6. Multi-stage filtration for pre-pressed oil. Perfect Construction, Simple Control, and Durable service. Strong adaptability to raw material quality.
7. Compatibility: We ensure the pre-press machine is compatible with the overall oil extraction system, including subsequent pressing or solvent extraction equipment. Fully automatic and continuous.

Cooking Oil Pre-pressing Process

Les’s Start Your Cooking Oil Plant

In a large-scale cooking oil production setup, the choice between mechanical pre-pressing and solvent extraction depends largely on the oil content of the oilseeds being processed. Pre-pressing is essential for seeds with high oil content to efficiently reduce the volume for further processing, while solvent extraction is indispensable for seeds with lower oil content to ensure maximal oil recovery. Understanding the characteristics of the oilseeds and selecting the appropriate extraction method is crucial for optimizing the production process and ensuring high-quality oil output.

We are a professional China-leading cooking oil plant supplier and offer you complete cooking oil production lines. We can custom design your cooking oil plant to produce various oilseeds raw materials.


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