Oilseed Pretreatment Process Overview

Oilseed Pretreatment is a series of processing steps before oil extraction to remove various impurities in the oil seeds and adjust the moisture and temperature of the oil seeds to facilitate the oil pre-press and the oil solvent extraction plant. The oilseed pretreatment plants have different equipment according to different oilseed materials, output, and final oil requirements. The common process includes oilseed cleaning, shelling/peeling, crushing/softening/flaking, cooking/expansion, etc. After the pretreatment, the oil pressing efficiency and the edible oil production yield can be improved, while energy consumption and extraction costs can be reduced. The oilseed pretreatment methods vary depending on the oilseed materials.

oilseed pretreatment oil pressing line

We will design and customize the oilseed pretreatment processing for each cooking oil plant project according to different customers’ requirements, raw materials, and capacities. Rice bran and soybeans pretreatment needs an extrusion section, palm fruit pretreatment needs a fermentation section, cottonseed pretreatment needs a depilation and extrusion process, and peanut pretreatment needs shelling dehulling equipment. Below is a list of common oilseed pretreatment processes for most raw materials.

  • Sunflower seeds: Cleaning, Shelling, Crushing/Flaking, Cooking
  • Soybeans: Cleaning, Crushing, Softening, Flaking (Extrusion)
  • Peanuts: Cleaning (Shelling), Crushing/Flaking, Cooking
  • Rice bran: Cleaning (Rice bran and tip separation), Softening, Extrusion
  • Cottonseed: Cleaning, Shelling, Flaking, Extrusion
  • Rapeseed: Cleaning, Softening, Flaking, Cooking

The Advantages Of Huatai Oilseed Pretreatment Plants

Comparison of 2000 tons of soybean pretreatment parameters

Comparison of 2000 tons of soybean pretreatment parameters

Advantages of Huatai Pretreatment Indicators

Advantages of Huatai Pretreatment Indicators

The Related Equipment In the Oilseeds Pretreatment Plants

A series of oilseed processing equipment is necessary for the process of oilseed pretreatment, such as the cleaning sieve, crusher, dehuller, flaking machine, cooker, screw extruder, dryer, etc. We design the Oilseeds Pretreatment Plant according to your edible oil project’s needs and also consider energy saving and environmental protection, controlling dust emissions, recovering heat energy, reducing production energy consumption, etc.

  • Cleaning equipment. Cleaning screen, specific-gravity stoner, magnetic separator
  • Shelling machine. Disc shelling machine. Roller shelling machine. Centrifugal shelling machine. Suitable for sunflower seeds/cotton seeds shelling.
  • The Peeling Equipment for Soybean: A series of conditioning drying aspiration screening equipment.
  • Crushing/Softening/Flaking: Oilseed Crusher, Oilseed softening pot/tower, Oilseed flaking machine
  • Cooking/Expansion: Oilseed Cooker, Oilseed extruder
oilseeds pretreatment equipment

The Oilseeds Pretreatment Sections And Equipment

Oilseed Cleaning Equipment

Before extraction, the oilseeds need to be cleaned to remove plant stems, dirt and sand, stones and metals, leaves, and foreign bodies. Doing that will reduce the wear of oil press machines and avoid accidents in edible oil production, improving the oilseed extraction result. Several oilseed cleaning machines are usually adopted, such as the vibrating screen, winnowing machine, Magnetic Separator, dust remover machines, and gravity destoner.

Oilseed Shelling and Separating Equipment

Before extracting oil from shelled raw materials such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, cottonseed, and tea seeds, the shell and kernel must be separated before pressing to ensure the quality of the extracted oil. Shelling and peeling machines help separate the kernels from the outer layers. For example, soybeans can be shelled using an oilseed extruding machine. A shelling machine is needed for peanut/sunflower seeds/cotton seeds. The oilseed shelling process can improve oil production efficiency, increase the extraction capacity, and reduce the wear of oil machines. We offer you shelling and separating machines according to your raw materials.

Oilseed Crushing Machine

Oilseed Crushing Machine

Most oilseeds must be uniformly crushed into small sizes to facilitate heating, drying, and flaking, making it easier to extract oil, such as soybean, peanut, palm kernel, copra, etc. However, for some other seeds, such as rapeseed and Cohen germ, the crushing process is not needed, because they are small enough. The oilseed crushing process is vital for improving the flakes’ quality and processing capacity of the flaking machine. Various oilseed crushing machines are used, depending on the specific oilseed type. Contact us to get a guide.

Oilseed Flaking Machine

Most Oilseeds may also need to be flaked before solvent extraction. Flaking machines flatten the oilseeds into thin flakes. The Flaking process will destroy the cell structure of the oilseeds, making oil extraction more efficient. Flakes have a larger surface area, which facilitates oil extraction, making the oil extraction smoother. Oil should be extracted from crushed or flaked seeds as soon as possible (within 24 hours) to minimize the deterioration of coarse powder and oil quality.

Oilseed Flaking Machine

Oilseed Cooking Roasting Machine

Oilseed Roasting and steaming are key in improving oil yield in edible oil production. The crushed oil seeds are heated and steamed to soften the oil seeds, to facilitate flaking and enhance the quality of flaking. We supply vertical cookers, rotary cookers, flat-bottom cookers, and hot-air roasting machines to facilitate your edible oil milling production.

Oilseed Extruder Puffing Machine

The Oilseed extruder is mainly used for oilseed pretreatment of raw materials such as rice bran, soybean, rapeseed, and corn germ before the oil solvent extraction plant and various pre-pressed cakes before the oil solvent extraction plant. The oilseed puffing process can increase oil yield by 30%, improve oil quality, and reduce equipment loss.

Oilseed Extruder Puffing Machine

Oilseed Conditioning Machine

Conditioning involves adjusting the moisture content and temperature of the oilseeds. Proper conditioning ensures optimal oil extraction efficiency. Softening pots and steamers are commonly used for this purpose.

Oilseed Conditioning Machine

Large-scale cooking oil plant adopts mechanical pressing to extract oil from oilseeds. It applies pressure to the oilseeds to release the oil. This oil press machine is suitable for all kinds of raw material, such as peanut/groundnut, soybean, sunflower seed, corn germ, palm kernel, copra, mustard, cottonseed, castor, sesame, canola/rapeseed, flax seed, etc. The capacity ranges from 10-200TPD. The pre-pressing step prepares the oilseeds for subsequent solvent extraction or refining

Oil Pre-press Machine

Let’s Start Your Cooking Oil Plant

Most oilseeds need pretreatment before oil pressing, such as soybean, rice bran, sunflower seed, rapeseed, cottonseed, walnut, corn germ, peanut, coconut, castor seed, palm kernel, palm fruit, sesame, etc. Our oilseed pretreatment equipment can be customized according to various oilseeds and customer specifications. We built hundreds of edible oil projects for our customers worldwide, and are professional in designing and manufacturing different types of oilseed production lines. If you need our oilseed pretreatment equipment, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to support your edible oil production business.

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