cooking oil refinery plant

About Oil Refining

Refining is an essential process for a complete oil pressing line because there are still some impurities such as phospholipids, FFA, pigment, odor, etc. in the crude oil. As a prominent oil press machines manufacturer who is devoted to processing pure edible oil for worldwide customers, we can provide professional technical support and manufacture first-rate oil machines for your edible oil refining. We can provide turnkey oil refining solutions with 1-20T/D capacities.

1-20T/D Oil Refining Plants Features

1. Wide application: various kinds of oil can be refined by our oil refining machines such as peanut oil, sunflower seeds oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, rapeseed oil, etc.
2. The capacity of edible oil refining can be customized. The complete oil refining plant can work independently or with the whole oil production line.

Palm Kernel Oil
palm kernel oil refining

Rapeseed Oil
rapeseed oil refining

Soybean Oil
soybean oil refining

Coconut Oil
coconut oil refining

Sunflower Seed Oil
sunflower seed oil refining

Peanut Oil

jpeanut oil refining

Main Steps of Edible Oil Refining 

1. Crude Oil Degumming: In this step gums in crude oil are removed by hydration with the help of phosphoric acid.
2. Neutralization: In this step, free fatty acids are neutralized by using sodium hydroxide and converted into soap. Additional impurities are also removed by adsorption on the soap.
3. Bleaching: During bleaching, unwanted pigments are adsorbed physically and oil will become much more straightforward.
4. Deodorization: Deodorization is used to remove unacceptable odors by steam distillation, the odoriferous compounds are stripped off with the help of live injected steam into heated oil under high vacuum pressure.
5. Dewaxing (necessary for cold areas)
Some kinds of oil like sunflower, maize germ, or corn oil have waxes inside, if these impurities are not removed, the oil will freeze easily under low temperatures, thus affecting oil quality and appearance. so this process is necessary for extremely cold areas.

Edible Oil Refining Equipment

crude oil refinery equipment

1. Decoloring tank: bleach pigments from oil.
2. Deodorizing tank: remove the un-favored smell from decolorized oil.
3. Oil furnace: provide enough heat for the refining sections which need a high temperature of 280℃.
4. Vacuum pump: provides high pressure for bleaching, and deodorization which can reach 755mmHg or more.
5. Air compressor: dry the bleached clay after bleaching.
6. Filter press: filter the clay into the bleached oil.
7. Steam generator: generate steam distillation.

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