Introduction to peanut oil

Rich in fat and oil, peanut is regarded as the best vegetable oil source. Peanuts are good for people due to the large plenty of protein and unsaturated fatty acid. There are several types of peanut oil including refined peanut oil, extra virgin peanut oil, cold-pressed peanut oil and peanut extract. Adopting hot press methods, peanuts have a higher oil extraction rate up to 50%.

Main machines for 20T/D peanut oil production line

Note: Taking 20t shelled peanuts as an example. All machines can be customized to your requirement.

1. Peanut roasting machine

Heated by gas, electricity or coal, peanut roasting machine pre-cook peanuts with the steam and heat. In high cooking temperature, internal oil material will move freely and are easy to get out. Roasted peanuts have high oil extraction rate and low residual rate.

2. Peanutautomatic oil press

Peanut automatic oil press has the unique features such as less dimension, high oil extraction rate, low energy consumption and high automatic degree. Equipped with automatic temperature control system and oil filtering device, automatic oil press can be used for more than one kinds oilseeds.

3. 10 T/D peanut oil refining plant

Refined peanut oil has bright and pure color and is healthier for people. There are mainly five basic processing steps: degumming, neutralizing, bleaching, deodorizing and dewaxing. When processing more than one kind oilseed, please choose larger capacity to ensure a mixture of oil production.


peanut kernel

peeled peanut kernel

peanut oil


Serving 24 working hours

Raw Material 20t Shelled Peanuts
Peanut oil 10t

Peanut oil processing machines features

1. All machines can be customized by your requirements.
2. High peanut oil extraction rate.
3. Less electricity consumption and more clean working condition.
4. Refined peanut oil has bright color and few harmful materials.
5. Suitable for more than one kind oilseeds.