Introduction to Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil is an edible plant oil derived from the kernel of the oil palm while palm oil or palm fruit oil is extracted from palm fruits. The way to distinguish palm kernel oil and palm oil is very easy. Palm kernel oil is white while palm oil is red and brown. And palm kernel oil is in solid, not liquid. Palm kernel oil is commonly used in commercial cooking because it is lower in cost than other vegetable oils. Palm kernel oil can be stored longer than other oils.

Main Machines in Palm Kernel Oil Plant

1. Hammer Mill

Palm kernels have to be separated from palm fruits before pressing. A hammer mill or a powder mill breaks the kernels into small particles. This breaking process increases the surface area of the kernels.

2. Palm Kernel Roasting Machine

Crushed palm kernels are heated in roasting machines to rupture cell walls and reduce the viscosity of palm oil. Pre-cooking is to increase the palm oil yield.

3. Palm Kernel Automatic Oil Press

As to the rich oil in palm kernels, these palm kernel particles are always sticking onto the wall thus causing breaking down. Generally, palm kernel particles are subjected to flaking firstly for a pre-press.

4. 3T/D Palm Kernel Oil Refining Machine

The phospholipid content in palm oil is very low less than 200 mg per kilogram so the generally dried-degumming method is taken in palm kernel oil production. Neutralized palm oil is cooled to 30℃ to remove phospholipid. Such oil refining methods can be also used in palm oil and coconut oil production.

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Raw Material 5t Palm kernels
Palm Kernel Oil


Features of Palm Kernel Oil Plant

1. Made from highly stainless steel, oil press machines have a long service life.
2. All machines can be customized by your demand.
3. High oil yield and low energy consumption.
4. Suitable for other oilseeds such as coconuts, peanuts, and soybeans.