Major Oil Crops in Canada

Grain and oil crops are the largest agricultural production categories in Canada. In a global perspective, Canada produces about 17% of the world’s total rapeseed. Oilseeds and their products account for 12.8% of the main export commodities. Report from Reuters, March 20 says, oilseeds industry publication Oil World which is located in Hamburg said, Canadian canola production in 2012 is expected to reach 15 million 1,540 million tons, higher than last year’s , which may break the record. On April 16, 2013, China has relaxed the import restriction of Canadian canola which has lasted for three years. And then canola oil price has been 2.5 times of the origin because of the internal and external factors, this will definitely promote production increment.

Appropriate Oil Pressing Methods

There are two kinds of rapeseed extraction methods, they are pressing method and extraction method. Extraction method develops rapidly in recent years. and this method takes advantage of the solvent extraction, which will improve the oil yield significantly. Canada and other countries have greatly improved the processing of rapeseed oil because of the development of the low erucic acid rapeseed oil. Advanced pre-pressing extraction method would press the rapeseed for the first time, during which 18%~19% oil content will be squeezed out, and then the pre-pressed cake is subjected to solvent extraction. Residual oil in the cake can be reduced to 2% to 3%. And the oil yield of pre-pressing extraction method is significantly higher than the general single pressing method.

Seed Oil Production in Canada

The Canadian oilseed processing industry consists of 13 crushing and refining/packaging plants, owned by five companies. Total refining capacity of canola oil in Canada is over one million tons annually. However, as mentioned above, these companies are mainly engaged in large-scale industrial production. for the production of small or medium, there still exists large demand in Canada. And if the machine is purchased in the domestic market, the high labor and other costs will lead higher price. So imports from developing countries would be a good choice

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