Preparing raw material from hopper into press chamber (barrel) when oil press running. Under the circumstances of screw shaft rotating, raw material from feeder to oil cake exit gradually. So the volume of press chamber lessens gradually, in addition, screw shaft push raw material into press chamber successively, thus will have large pressure to compress material embryo, so that press oil.

Before using oil press, you must prepare assistive devices and vessel all you need firstly. Check up and adjust the tightness of transmission belt. Then switch motor to make the machine running 15 min or so with nothing, as well as check up the speed of screw shaft, which should be about 33 d/min generally. At the same time, pay attention to gear meshing condition in gearbox and voice is normal or not, whether it is normal about each bearing and motor. When oil press running with nothing, electric current of motor should be approximate 3A. If electric current is too high, you should be stop to check, and adjust it to switch motor.

After oil press running with nothing is normal, prepare 50 kg oil raw material (vegetable seeds, soybean) into feed hopper. Note: in the beginning, the speed of feed raw material is not too quickly, or the pressure will increase suddenly, result in screw shaft stop rotating, press chamber traffic jam, even press cage fracturing, accident happened. So when begin to press oil, you push raw material into feed hopper slowly so that oil press goes well. Just like this repeat several times, last more than 3~4h, so that the temperature of oil press goes up gradually, even smoke (it is normal.). In the beginning of pressing, the temperature of press chamber is low, you can adjust the machine to thicken the oil cake, meanwhile, improve the moisture of material embryo. After the temperature of press chamber up to 90℃ or so. When the oil press running normally, you can adjust the thickness of oil cake to 1.5~2.5mm, as well as tightened the screw up.

When oil press running normally, the output oil which from high oil content raw material will center on row and the former group round row place. The output oil from row about is the 60% of the whole output oil; the former group round row place about is 30%; the tail end is little, into drop not a line with light-colored. Repeat 2 or 3 times, you will get the rest oil from vegetable seeds or soybeans, during the time; you also can mix the oil cake to press again. When feeding the raw material, you should keep even pace and avoid more or less suddenly, or this will affect the life and oil yield of oil press.

You should check the condition of oil cake frequently when oil press running, also control the moisture of the material embryo. The normal oil cake is flaky, one side nearby screw shaft is smooth, and the other is rough. If the oil cake porous, or the oil cake unshapen with black color, easily pinch into pieces, these all show that material embryo has little water. If the oil cake is soft, or the oil cake is large sheet, increase the oil foam, these show that material has too much water. Normally, among the group round row place which has little residue. The residue from row, if the residue is sheet that shows moisture is too much; if the residue is slag that shows moisture is too little. In addition, from the change of oil place, you can see whether the moisture is fit or not. If the moisture is too high or too low, the oil place rearward movement.