If you are a newcomer to cooking oil industry or you cannot decide which kind of oil you will trade. Then let’s analyze the advantages of the oil crops in your area together:

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First, you need considerate the oil crops you have in your area?
Now, I will list some oil crops all over the world for you.

In Africa

cotton (mainly distributed in North Africa, West Africa, Egypt, Sultan), oil sunflower, sesame, oil tea, oil palm (mainly palm kernel distributed in West Africa and Central Africa), castor-oil plant, oil flax (mainly distributed in Mediterranean coast).

peanut kernel

In Asia

soya bean (mainly distributed in China), oil sunflower, peanut (mainly in China and India), sesame and almond (which needs hydraulic cold press and crushing), rape (mainly in China), cotton (mainly in Central Asia and Uzbekistan, Transcaucasia, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and Syria and other countries), oil tea, oil palm (mainly palm kernel distributed in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia), castor-oil plant, oil flax (mainly distributed in Mediterranean coast).
And there are more coconut oil workshops in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

sesame images

In North America

Cotton (mainly distributed in the south of American), soya bean (mainly in America and Canada), sunflower (mainly in America), oil palm (mainly palm kernel distributed in the southern part of North America).

In South America

Sunflower (mainly distributed in Argentina), sesame, cotton (mainly in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina), soybean (mainly in Brazil, Argentina), rape (mainly in Argentina), oil palm (mainly in the northern part of South America)

altomatic screw oil press

In Europe

Rape (mainly distributed in France, Russia or Eastern Europe part), oil flax (mainly in Mediterranean coast), sunflower (mainly in Russia of Eastern Europe part).

After you know the distribution of oil crops, you will choose the easy-get raw material, thus the cost is relatively low so that you can get more benefits.
After confirming your oil crops, you can further plan your oil plant.
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