There is no wonder that every customer wants to purchase oil press machine of the best quality as well as the lowest price. What’s more, comprehensive and thoughtful services of the oil press suppliers can’t be neglected at the same time. Then, what the hell are the problems that we should pay attention to? Here are a few tips for your reference.


Production certification. Authentic products are always awarded the inspection certification, product specification and installation notes from the national quality and technical supervision departments and agricultural product quality inspection station after inspection and quarantine. We have CE certificate conforming to the European Community standards.

Specifications and models.

Observe whether the specification meets the requirements when purchasing accessories. Some accessories look all the same in the appearance but aren’t suitable for your machine.


When purchasing oil press accessories, you must have the awareness of trademarks and select the regular brand products. Weigh with your hands firstly before placing an order. Most of the counterfeit parts use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods with light weight and small size.

Assembly mark.

Authentic qualified product always has clear and obvious assembly marks, ie. timing gear assembly mark must be clear. The accessories without marks or with unclear marks are absolutely not the good options.


▶ Authentic products have high standards about the package. Products are always treated to be rust-proof, water-proof, anti-corrosion, and wooden packaging is always the better choice.
▶ Also, there are always product name, specifications, models and the quantity etc. in the obvious position. While the fake and shoddy products are always with rough poor packaging.


▶ Corrosion, oxidation, discoloration, deformation, aging phenomenon would emerge in the accessories because of the improper storage. Don’t buy accessories of the conditions above.
▶ Distortion. The accessories, pressing worms etc. would be easily distorted due to the inappropriate storage method. It won’t work properly if the geometry size can’t be up to the requirements.
▶ Cracks. Shoddy products look dark in the appearance, and there are obvious defects like cracks, sand holes, slag, and burr etc., which would easily lead to malfunction such as leakage of oil, water, and air.
▶ Loose & catching. Qualified products: assembly parts would rotate flexibly, and the gap size is up to the standard specification. Shoddy products: too loose or can’t rotate flexibly.
▶ Surface color. The surface shading of the original products is always relatively fixed into specified color. Generally experienced people can tell true and false from the appearance easily.

As a professional oil press machine manufacturer, we would provide you with various trustworthy products and customized services. Look forward to cooperating with you!