Both solvent extraction and expression method can be applied to produce vegetable oil. While generally speaking, they all produce solid residue. Then how to deal with these de-oiled cake and change waste into treasure, to obtain greater economic value?
Let us work together to find the answers.

What is the oil cake? soyabean and soybean embryo and soybean meal

Oil cake is also called de-oiled cake, includes vegetable seeds meal, such as cotton seeds meal, soya meal, peanut meal, sunflower seeds meal, rape seeds meal and sesame meal, etc. You use oil press machine to get edible oil from oil crops, at the same time, the by-product would also emerge which is coarse with more protein, fat with a higher nutritional value.

Technical specifications of Soybean Meal / De-oiled Cake

Protein – 46 to 48%
Fiber – 6.0 to 6.5%
Moisture – 11 to 12%
Sand and Silica – 2 to 2.5%
Fat up to 1.5%

How to deal with the oil cake? Or say, what’s the purpose of oil cake?

rape seeds meal oil cake

 Because the oil cake is rich in protein, fat with higher nutritional value, de-oiled cake can be used as cattle feed and poultry feed. You can contact agriculture farm or processing feed manufacturer, and sell that solid residue to them. They can feed pigs, or as bait spices for fish. You also can sell them to flower market as base fertilizer. The third purpose is as fuel for industry or family fireplace. The last but not least, it is also can be used for cooking.

All in all, we have some reasonable advice for you:
1. As feed to feed animals, pigs, cattle, poultry, etc.
2. As basic fertilizer for plants or flowers.
3. As fuel for industry or family fireplace.
4. For cooking.
Thus you can get more benefits, and do not waste any available things, just take action to turn waste into money.

Oil Meal Cake also Have Large Market Prospect

Many South – East Asian countries import Soya De-oiled cake, like Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, etc. The rise in the number of countries importing agro-based products will bring you large profits.

But we still have some problems: the residue shape is irregular and too large, and inconvenient to use directly. If you want to change waste into money, you can use oil cake pellet machine to turn oil cake into pellets or feed pellets to reach the purpose of turning waste into treasure.

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