Tips for maintenance of oil press machine in daily life

1. During the usage of the oil press, you should always check the outlet. If oil cake is not continuously coming out from an outlet or stops keeping out, you should stop feeding and move storage feed in inlet so as to clear the blockage.
2. When the oil press is working, you should clean the oil residue continuously to prevent the oil line which is blocked. The oil residue can be pressed again.
3. If the oil expeller is wrong, and screw shaft stops working, you should immediately turn off the machine. Open the discharging board and remove the screw shaft away.
4. Use lubricating grease and lubricating oil to lubricate every important part of oil press machine regularly.

Tips for maintenance of oil press machine under the normal condition

1. Check lubrication situation every 50 working hours. Reducer casing can not be short of oil. Fill butter into screw holes, no dry grinding.
2. Prevent dust and other impurities invading into every lubricating part of oil press machine. Check the motor oil quality of reducer casing every year. If you find the change, you should replace all of the motor oil.
3. When the pressing capacity is reduced, and the oil cake or oil is not normal, you should take away screw shaft, check the wear condition of pressing worm, cage bar, and outlet devices, and then replace the wearing parts in time.
4. After working every time, you should clean the oil cake inside oil press machine and dust and oil dirt in the machine surface. Overhaul the whole oil expeller every six months. When maintenance, the oil press equipment must be disassembled. If damaged, you need to repair or replace.
5. After the production season, oil press machine is stored for a long time and you should do maintenance for it. Paint motor oil to the pressing shaft, cage bar, and outlet devices, and then, put them in a dry place.