Nowadays, a new kind of hydraulic press machine is popular with customers in the market, which has completely changed the traditional oil press method. Next, we would carry out a SWOT analysis of the hydraulic press industry so as to offer some information for your reference.

SWOT analysis


NO.1: High Efficiency. It has the ability to press various oil plants, 6 to 8minutes is enough from the entrance of oil plants to the end of the processing. So the consumers are able to see all the procession. That is, the efficiency improves a lot.
NO.2: Simple Structure and Multi-usage. The machine can be used to press 30 kinds of oil crops such as peanuts, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybean etc. Also, the rest oil cake after pressed is of good quality. The nutritions won’t lose in the secondary processing
NO.3: Low Energy Consumption. The hydraulic press machine is energy-saving. There is no need for a lot of space and human resources. And the operation is easier and faster.


NO1: Limited Scope of Application. The hydraulic press machine has lower oil yield compared with the screw oil press, as is in the same case with production. What’s more, the machine is only suitable for household production. The limited scope of application accounts for the reason of Small-scale production.
NO.2: The hydraulic press machine must be operated by special person, also there must be person when the mainframe is in the process of boosting. So you must have the operator who has the relevant expertise.


NO.1: Large Scope of Market. It can boot to oil regardless of weather conditions and differences. So the machine can be used in various regions, this expands the scope of the market.
NO.2:Market Potential. The hydraulic oil press is suitable for processing scattered oil, which meets the needs of urban individual processing households. In addition, the pressed oil is edible without filtration, which ensures it very suitable for the individual processing households and home sales, so the market potential is huge.
NO.3: Wide Range of Engine Power Choice. The machine can be driven by three-phase electric power as well as household power, that is industrial and civil voltage from 200 to 380. So that it can be promoted and sold in most areas of the world.


The screw press has already occupied certain market share, as with the newly emerging press. The hydraulic oil press is still under threat though there is some certain market.

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