Solvent extraction oil has adopted the leaching process to get vegetable oil. The extraction principle is the theoretical basis of the extraction process. The leaching process originates from France in 1843, it is a kind of healthy and safe process with advanced technology. In the modern time, the developed industrial country has got about 90% of the edible oil through the leaching method. There are many advantages during the extraction process, such as the high oil yield, low oil residual as well as low cost. What’s more, the oil cakes are of high quality which can be used as animal feed.

Production Technology

The process of solvent extraction oil: The leaching process takes advantage of the solvent to soak the oil materials. Then extract the crude oil in high temperature through six-D technology, namely derosination, degumming, dehydration, decoloration, deodorization, and deacidification. The greatest feature of the process is high oil yield as well as the low cost, and that has just explained the low price of the soybean oil.

Nutritional Ingredient: Solvent extraction oil is colorless and tasteless. Most of the nutritional ingredient is damaged during processing.

New rules: The government has regulated that the pressed and solvent extraction peanut oil must be remarked with pressed or solvent extraction. With the development of society and the improvement of the people’s life, eating healthily with nutrition is becoming people’s pursuit. The introduction of the production technology is one way to make our customer familiar with the crafts.