Generally speaking, there are two kinds of edible oil production. They are oil extraction by pressing and solvent extraction. The following are their production processes.

Oil Extraction by Pressing

Oil extracted by pressing is to get oil from various plants with physical pressure. It comes from the traditional workshop of oil pressing, which has now evolved into modern industrialization. The main oil press machines we use today are hydraulic oil press and screw oil press. Now let’s have an overview of the processes of them.
First, we need to crush seed adding with water (in the case of fried coke). Then, put these crushed seeds into a pan for frying until the temperature reaches 115℃. Next, pour the fried seed into oil press for squeezing. By doing this, we will get crude oil. After that, have these crude oil refined after depositing, heat it to 130-140degrees and add water to it for 3-5kg vs 100kg. Finally, through taking off the phospholipid, decoloring and acid interface, edible oil is finished. Throughout the whole process, there is no use of chemical additives, so there is no chemical residue.

Oil Extraction by Solvent Extraction

Oil prepared by solvent extraction is to get oil from plants with food grade solvents through chemical principle. First, press seeds into the broken chip. Next, dip them into solvent oil extraction (or benzene) to make miscible oil. Then, by removing benzene through heating the miscible oil, we can get semi-finished oil. Last,  after refining semi-finished oil by high temperature and degumming, decoloring and deodorizing, edible oil is obtained. From the whole manufacturing process, we can see that chemical additives are used frequently. So, it’s inevitable to have chemical residue in finished oil. Besides, there is also a kind of strong poisonous aflatoxins B1 in the residue which will do harm to our livers, lead to acute hepatitis and even liver cirrhosis by long-term consumption.

Therefore, it is obvious that eating oil extracted by oil press is safer to us after learning about all this. Automatic hydraulic oil press is small in volume and especially suitable for people from cities to spend less money to buy real goods as well as people from towns to get assured oil.

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