Operating Principle of Screw Oil Press

Oil-bearing materials are fed from the hopper to pressing chamber when the screw expeller pressing is running. Screw shaft rotates in the cage, which pushs the oil material into the machine for pressing. On the one hand, the raw material keeps moving all the time in pressing chamber. Under the high pressure of pressing chamber, there is great friction drag between raw material and the screw shaft, also between feedstock and press chamber. Thus the friction drag and relative movement emerge. On the other hand, the circle diameter of screw shaft root is gradually thickening and screw shaft distance is reducing little by little. When the screw shaft is rotating, it pushes raw material strongly and rolls over outward at the same time. Thus there is a relative movement among every raw material particle. The quantity of heat from friction drag satisfies technology in the pressing, which will contribute to thermal denaturation of protein in the material, and improve the oil extracting rate meantime. The screw oil expellers of big scale or small scale have similar theories during the pressing process.

The New Characteristics of New Multifunction Oil Press

1. High work efficiency, capacity up to 150-250KG per hour.
2. Better configuration, complete electrical device.
3. Vacuum filtration, purer edible oil.
4. High oil yield.
5. Wide application: great machine for pressing more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as peanut, sesame, rapeseeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

Add:Structure Chart of Screw Oil Press

Old Screw Oil Press

old oil press

1. Feed Section2. Gear Case Section

3. Press Cage Section

4. Screw Shaft Section

5. Body

New Screw Oil Press

new screw cold press

1. Electric Cabinet2. Feed hopper

3. Vacuum Oil filter

Technical Data of Semi-automatic Screw Oil Press

Model Capacity(T/D) Power(KW) Outside Size(MM) Weight(KW)
AMS-68 1-1.5 5.5 880*440*765 140
AMS-80 2-3  5.5 1320*440*1040 330
AMS-95  3-5  7.5 1610*615*1260 420
AMS-120  5-6  11 1770*610*1300 680
AMS-120C  7-8 15 1870*750*1300 750
AMS-130  9-12 18.5 1980*700*1460 820
AMS-160  13-18  22 2020*700* 780  980

oil cake outlet

oil cake outlet

spare parts euipped for screw oil press

spare parts equipped for screw oil press

squeezing head

squeezing head

Technical Data of Automatic Screw Oil Presses

Model Capacity(T/D) Power(KW) Outside Size(MM) Weight(KW)
AMS-80A 2-3 5.5 1760*1050*1850 600
AMS–95A 3-5 7.5 2050*1050*1850 940
AMS–120A 4-6 11 2220*1050*1850 1200
AMS–120CA 7-9 15 2340*1050*1850 1300
AMS–130A 9-12 18.5 2450*1100*1950 1500
AMS–160A 13-18 22 2600*1200*1950 1680


oil cake outlet

oil cake

oil cake

oil filter vat

  oil filter vat