The soybean is a kind of legumes that are rich in protein. Generally, the oil content of soybean is about 22%, and the rot yield is above 300%. Facts have proved that the value and benefits of soybean would be 2-3 times of the original if you do as follows. Firstly, extract the soybean oil with screw oil press; then make tofu with the squeezed soybean oil cakes; finally, feed livestock and poultry with the bean curd residue.

Here let’s talk about how to turn waste into treasure, that is how to make full use of soybean to its maximum nutritional value.

Step 1: Extract soybean seeds firstly.

Remove impurities in the soybean with a sieve. Next, wash and dry them in the sun. Then put them into a small screw oil press for cold pressing. Separate the oil from the oil cakes after cold pressed twice, you would get about 10 to 12 kg oil and approximately 80 kg oil cakes out of every 100kg soybean. What’s more, we would get 3kg tofu out of every 1kg of oil cake. Since it comes to soybean oil extraction, we would like to teach you some soybean oil extraction tips: stir-fry until bursting before extraction, the temperature is 120—130℃, the moisture is 1.5-2.8% with the thickness of 0.7mm. While the oil cake once-drained is too coke, and that would lead to great loss of protein. Twice-drained process method is also a good choice. Stir-fry until six or seven mature with the temperature of 80—100℃. And the moisture is 6-8%, the cake thickness is l.5-2mm for the first process, and 0.7mm for the second. However, the oil yield would decline in the twice-drained process.

Then how to make tofu with the squeezed soybean oil cakes?

Step 2: Tofu making process. There is no need to grind oil cake, just boil the soybean milk directly. Add about 70 kg of warm water in every 10 kg of soybean meal. Soak for 7-8 hours in the barrel. Stir with a spoon into the pot during the heating process to prevent cook coke. After boiling for 2-3 minutes, pour into filters, the final step is pointing pulp. Add the 1:7 gypsum water (ie: 12.5% gypsum, 87.5% water) to the pulp gradually until the block bean curd emerge. Other production procedures are in the same with the traditional tofu.

Soybean seeds nutrition & further processed products

Something else, soybean seeds contain 17% oil and 63% meal, of which 50% is protein. Crush soybeans and grain, add mold, add the salt solution to ferment. After more than 6 months to 1 year, brown liquid manufactured is called soy sauce which is widely used in oriental cooking. Soybean meal is protein-rich foods instead of meat which can be made of a variety of foods, including baby food. The plant estrogen contained in the soybean could effectively inhibit estrogen in the human body. Please note that excessive estrogen is one of the main causes of breast cancer.
we remind everyone to give full play to the wisdom, you may find more utilization value of oil cake.