Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are looking for investment projects, but which investment projects can earn money? There is no doubt that the oil press industry and vegetable oil industry is never withered industry. Most of the edible oil is pressed by an oil press machine. And among the oil press machines, the technology of our oil press is the most sophisticated and has become one of the Trump brands of China’s oil press industry.

The core parts of our machines—oil press host has a comprehensive upgrade and completed the technology upgrade from level four to level five which has obtained the national recognition.

Technology upgrading: upgrade the No.1-press chamber, improve the oil yield, improve the pressing efficiency.

1. Press series: the original two-stage pressing has been upgraded to the three, and further upgraded to the four. What’s more, the extra large type oil press has been upgraded into five pressing processes which would improve the oil yield to a great extent.
2. Wide diameter and length of the oil press chamber, the pitch is adjustable and the press chamber pressure point has been increased so as to improve the oil yield.
3. Equipped with pressing chamber lead tank: to avoid extrusion oil dipped back into the dry oil cake residue, set a lead tank in the pressing chamber of our oil press machine in order to separate oil from oil meal cake rapidly, and improve the oil output.
4. Equipped with built-in infrared heating system device, you can set the best pressing temperature according to the different requirements of the oil crops to satisfy the best press conditions, so as to achieve the best oil efficiency.

Technology upgrading, No.2-the machine has simplified the period of adjustment

After purchasing, simple try pressing is enough to put into normal production. Our company has introduced foreign advanced equipment for the first time in China–broaching machine,
which would make press surface forming and automatically complete the precision polishing which is energy-saving to improve the machining accuracy. And before selling we are going to do the trial grinding, so after you buy it, simply try pressing can be OK to put into normal production.

Technology upgrading, No.3- reducer upgrade: the machine would reduce energy consumption, lessen the pressing cost and extend the service life of the oil press.

Our reducer gear of oil press has used “helical gear design” with the feature of a small load, component wear, and energy saving. For example, comparing helical gear oil press and the spur gear oil press (the same size and production), it is assumed that 7.5KW motor is enough for helical gear oil press, while the spur gear oil press need equip with an 11KW motor. thus you will save 3.5 KW/h, and one day you will save tens of KW electricity, equal to save tens of dollars one day.