We all know that the United States is a highly industrialized country. Then what is the market condition of the oil press in the United States? Next, we would do a detailed analysis of the situation.

Oil Material Types in the US

edible oil consumption in US.

The United States is the world’s largest soybean producer as well as the largest exporter of soybeans. The proportion of oil crops cultivation area has reached 66.85 percent in the 1960s. With the continuous development of soybean production, particularly after the plant of modified soybean, the dominant position of the U.S. soybean oil has been further consolidated. Oil crops planting area accounts for 83.96% of total plant acreage in 2011 with an annual output of about 80 million tons of soybean. The amount of soybean oil and its exports account for 78.4% of the total oil material exports between 2000-2011. And it shows a growth trend in the U.S. oil production and the overall volume of trade.

Demand Quantity and Direction for Oil Press

Plenty of raw material would consequently bring the development of related industries. Therefore the demand for oil press in the U.S. is constantly increasing, and the technology is naturally maturing.

As the soybean production is relatively large, the U.S. has a higher requirement about the extent of machine automation. This can reduce the production costs and improving labor efficiency at the same time

edible oil price

With the progress of agricultural intensification, the oil industry is stepping into large-scale, automated development. According to reports, the new French company has established oil extraction plant in Argentina with the production of over 9 000 t / d, and the oil mill of 1 500 t / d ~ 2 000 t / d in the domestic is also under construction. However, the automatic screw oil press would also be a good choice for the relatively small oil mill or the farmer. So the automatic screw press is also welcomed by the market. On the one hand, it has an automatic control system such as the automatic temperature-controlling and oil-filtering device. So that the oil can be refined directly after extraction which would simplify the edible oil processing. On the other hand, The whole process is controlled by a PLC system, making it safer and easy to operate, so automatic screw oil press is more efficient and labor-saving. Last but not least, this kind of oil press machine is suitable for the oil processing of small or medium size.

Domestic Production Status in the U.S.

It can’t be denied that the screw oil press is pursued to some extent. While considering the current production condition in the U.S., import would be a wise choice for buyers because of the cost control of human and material resources, etc.

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