1. Rapeseeds.

rape seeds

Rapeseed is only one high oil crop which can be cultivated all over the world. Rapeseed oil is generally dark yellow or brown. Rapeseed oil contains 0.4-1.0% arachidic acid, 14-19% oleic acid, 12-24% linoleic acid, 31-55% erucic acid, 1-10% linolenic acid. On the aspect of nutritive value, the human body absorption rate can be as high as 99% to rapeseed oil digestion, and has cholagogic function.

2. Soybean.

soy bean

Soybean protein is the important component part of high-quality soybean oil. Soybean contains 15% – 26 oil and 35% – 45% protein. The soybean oil has become the most important essential oil in the world. The main production countries of soybean are the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China, India, etc. Soybean is one of the main sources of cooking oil and vegetable protein (food and feed). Soybean oil contains up to 65% unsaturated fatty acids, including 52.1% linoleic acid and 2% to 10% linolenic acid. So soybean oil has quite quantity of nutritional value, but it is lack of stability.

3. Cotton seeds.

cotton seedsThe whole cotton seeds contain 17%-26% oil, and seed kernel contains about 40% oil. Cotton seeds oil contains 16%-23% saturated fatty acid. The main fatty acid of cotton seeds oil is composed of 22% palmitic acid, 18% oleic acid and 56% linoleic acid.

sunflower seeds

oil sunflower seeds4. Sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seed is native to Mexico, there are an edible sunflower and multiple cropping oil sunflower, according to its purpose. About the common sunflower kernels, whose oil rate is between 29% – 30%, including 30 to 40% shell, 40% to 65% kernel oil. The multiple cropping oil sunflower is mostly small seeds, the kernel is full enrichment, and thin hull with high kernel rate about 65% to 75%. The kernel contains generally 45% to 60% oil. The peel of sunflower is mostly black or gray stripes, and is suitable for pressing. Sunflower seeds oil is a kind of edible oil of senior quality, which is known as “nutrition”, it contains unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E which is easily absorbed by the body. Sunflower seeds oil includes up to 70% linoleic acid, which can reduce the body’s cholesterol. Sunflower oil can be used for making margarine, mayonnaise, and salad oil.

5. Peanut.

peanut kernel

Peanut is native to South American. Peanut kernel contains 45%-50% oil, 25%-31% protein. Peanut is the important source of edible oil and protein resource. Peanut oil is composed of 20% saturated fatty acid and 80% unsaturated fatty acid, main contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, its iodine value is about 80-110.

6. Sesame.

sesame image

Sesame contains 45-63% oil, and 19%-31% protein, known as “Oil queen”. Sesame oil is one of the oldest edible oil in the world. Sesame oil contains 35% – 49.4% oleic acid, 37.7% – 48.4% linoleic acid, and 4% – 12% arachidic acid. Use the water extraction process method to get flavor sesame oil with more features in China.

7. Tea-seeds.


Tea-seed is native to China and now grown in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries. Tea-seed contains 30% oil, and 8%-9% protein. Tea oil has a high nutritional value and health care effect, known as the “Oriental olive oil”.

8. Rice Bran.

rice bran imageRice bran contains 14%-24% oil. Rice bran is a by-product of rice processing. Rice bran oil contains 40-52% oleic acid, 29-42% linoleic acid, 0.5-1.8% linolenic acid, 12-18% palmitic acid, 1.0-3.0% stearate, 4.5-6.5% phytosterols, and 0.1-0.5% oryzanol. Rice bran oil is known as “nutritional oils” which can reduce serum cholesterol significantly.

9. Corn germ.

corn germ 2Corn germ oil is extracted from corn germ. Corn germ oil is richer in essential vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids for the human body, such as linoleic acid and oleic acid, it has a protective effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Corn germ oil contains up to 80%-85% unsaturated fatty acid.

10. Palm kernel.

palm kernel

Palm kernel oil comes from the kernel of the palm fruit. Palm kernel oil contains a large amount of lower fatty acid. Palm oil was known as “the king oil in the world”. Palm kernel oil contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids. Liquid palm oil is a kind of nice frying oil.