With the development of economic and the improvement of human living standards, people have changed their idea from “food and clothing” to the new concept of “eat healthily with nutrients”. Our oil press machine has adopted physical press completely. The pressed oil does not contain any chemical solvents. And this oil has all the nutrition ingredient, the original taste, and flavor. Green, nature, nutrition, health have become the major requirements of edible oil.
In daily life, the demand for cooking oil is essential. It’s the necessity of our everyday life. So the edible oil market is huge and has broad prospects. The person, who first enters the press oil industry will get the first pot of gold in the processing of agricultural products!

Four Business Models to Help You Get Rich.

1. Purchase the oil crops to process.

If you have 10-20㎡ available space, we introduce you the new generation of automation screw oil press with high efficiency and fine filter. You can buy various oil crops, process them and sell the edible oil. The sale method can be retail and wholesale. They can also be sold to small shops, hotels, restaurants, canteens, and so on. The oil price is competitive because the oil is produced and sold by yourself which would lead to the low cost. In addition, the vegetable oil has excellent quality, so the benefit is also considerable.

2. Press oil and sell at the same time.

If you just want to develop a sub-industry, you can adopt the method of processing when someone needs. You just need place the oil press machine in vegetable market, non-staple food grain station or residential areas. Press oil and sale and earn money at the same time.

3. Processing when someone brings oilseeds.

If you are used to processing business, or you have a similar experience, maybe you have an oil plant, you can purchase a set of automatic screw oil press to extend your own processing business. The customers bring you oilseeds, and they can see the whole process of pressing oil. You just charge the processing fees. The excellent oil yield and excellent quality bring you best fame and more other business opportunities.

4. Open your own oil workshop.

If you want to make your business bigger and stronger, and earn vast wealth, then you can open a specialized store, and establish a special oil plant equipped with the 1-2 set of our high-efficiency fine filter automatic screw oil press. Produced in the oil plant and sell in the store. We will serve you all the time, help you open the oil market and quickly occupy the market.