With the improvement of human living standards, people’s demand for health is rising ceaselessly. And the self-produced edible oil is just in line with the market development trend. Our oil press has been awarded the national authority of qualified products. It needs low investment and is suitable for investment.

peanut and peanut oil

Mode of operation

The oil workshop established in urban and rural areas.

10-20㎡ space is enough for you to start your oil workshop. There exist large prospect for the oil workshop. You can get a certain amount of processing fees according to the weight of oil crops or oil product. Or you can get the de-oil cake processing fees while the oil pressing is free. It’s a good opportunity to make money. It will not only help the folks with edible oil of high quality but also you can earn processing fees for yourself.

See the whole process of oil extraction.

The pressed oil is fresh and healthy, authentic, flavor attractive, also without chemical additives. Press oil and sold at the same time, and you will get high profits. And consumers to easily build word-of-mouth effect; also have a very high rate of second glance. Press oil and sold at the same time, lead the fashion trend

sesame and peanut kernel and walnut kernel

 Set up vegetable oil plant and realize scale-operation

According to your local conditions, our engineers would design a personalized program for you to set up an edible oil plant, which is in accordance with the local consumption capacity and the business model. With the oil press machine of high quality, we would help you to achieve the zero-risk investment.
You can directly sale your cooking oil to the supermarket, family, schools, factories, mines, eateries (snack bar), hotels, bazaars, small shops, grain, and oil companies and dealers. At the same time you can sell oil meal (de-oil cake) to feed factory, plant breeding, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, and chemical plant, also can use oil cake pelletizing machine to process feed by yourself to sell.

Soya bean Oil Processing Machine

You also can have a farm to earn money from both farm and oil plant.

If you have a cooking oil plant or vegetable oil workshop, or just an edible oil store, you can have a farm in the back of it. Thus you can provide the oil crops for yourself. Equipped with a set of our oil press machines, you can sell cooking oil of trustable quality. Therefore, you will earn money with your happy family.
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