Hydraulic Oil Press

Hydraulic oil press is mainly suitable to press sesame, walnut kernels, tea seeds, almonds, etc. that contains low fat. Due to his little capacity and short-time processing, it is considered a kind of ideal oil press equipment for home use or small scale plants. Thus you can eat fresh and assured cooking oil at any time.

hydraulic oil press


Features of Hydraulic Oil Press (specialized in sesame oil)

1. Widely application: a better machine for pressing oil seeds, sesame, walnut kernels, tea seeds, almonds, pine nuts, etc. especially sesame.
2. Low energy consumption and little maintenance cost.
3. High oil yield, especially for sesame oil.
4. One pressing process needs only 8-12 minutes.
5. The drip tray is equipped with a heating controlling system which can adjust the temperature of the crude oil, thus it can work at any season.

What is sesame oil?

Sesame oil (also called teal oil, benne oil, gingili, teel oil) is a kind of seasoning in our daily life. There are three productive technologies: ground sesame seed oil, machine-processed sesame seed oil, common sesame oil.

sesame oil

sesame oil


Nutrient content of sesame oil

The sesame oil is made from sesame. The content of oleic acid in sesame oil is approximately 35.0%-49.4%, and the linoleic acid is 37.7%-48.4% with the archaic acid of 0.4%-1.2%. The digestibility rate of sesame oil is up to 98%. The sesame oil doesn’t contain harmful ingredients to human, instead, it is rich in vitamin E and abundant linoleic acid. If you eat sesame oil frequently, it can adjust the permeation of blood capillary, enhance the absorption power of human tissue to oxygen, improve blood circulation, promote the development of gonad, delay senility and keep spring. To sum up, sesame oil is a kind of cooking oil with high quality and high nutritive value.

The benefits of eating sesame oil

1. Delay senility: Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, has the function of promoting cell division and delaying senility.
2. Protect blood vessel: Sesame oil contains approximately 40% linoleic acid, palmitic acid and unsaturated fatty acid which can be easily absorbed and used by human to promote metabolism of cholesterol, and also contribute to removing sediments on an arterial blood vessel wall.
3. Relaxing bowel: A small scoop of sesame oil in the morning and night would contribute to the relax the bowel.
4. Relieve a cough: Before sleeping, drink a mouthful of sesame oil, then drink a second mouthful of sesame oil after getting up, cough can be lightened obviously, keep it on for several days, your health would come back.
5. Reduce toxic properties of wine and tobacco: The people, who have the habit of smoking and drinking, often drink some sesame oil to reduce direct stimulation and damage of smoke to tooth, gum and mucous membrane of the mouth. At the same time, sesame oil can inhibit the absorption of nicotine. Before drinking, you can drink some sesame oil that will protect the oral cavity, esophagus and gastric mucosa.
6. Protect your throat: Drinking sesame frequently would enhance the elasticity of vocal cord, also it has better healing efficacy to hoarseness and pharyngo-laryngitis.