Screw oil press is the ideal oil press machinery for small rural oil mill, which is mostly used to used to squeeze soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, peanut, sesame, etc . While sometimes there will be some problems such as low output rate even out of oil due to various reasons. And actions must be taken to deal with them at once.

1. Stop Working Suddenly with the Suction of Rotation Axis

a. The machine starts to work for the first time, and is feed with so many raw materials without the adaption period.
b. there is no material in the chamber in the process of pressing, and then a mass of material is inserted, so the machinery won’t work smoothly, which will lead the jam of the chamber. So you should feed the material in a continuous and uniform way and keep in mind that the cake can’t be so thin. Once a failure occurs, shut off the power immediately. Clear the residues in the chamber and start to work again.
c.It may be caused by the stones, metal or other hard object blended in the raw material.

2. Low Oil Production Rate or No Oil Discharge

a. Some raw material may be damp or moldy, or there exists too much impurity. So the oil plants must be chosen again and control the material moisture
b. The oil discharge seam is stuck by the residue, or the cage bar is fitted too tight. Adjust the pressing bar firmness According to the oil content
c. At the beginning of pressing, the low temperature of press chamber, too thin or too thick oil cake, or the parts depreciation will all lead to the results

3. The Machinery can’t Produce the Cake Smoothly

a. Cake thickness is not appropriate, so just Adjust the thickness of cake
b.there are stones, metal or other hard object blended in the raw material in the chamber, stop the machine immediately, check and clear the dry cake and clutters in the machine chamber. Repair or replace the new accessories According to the wear condition

4. Oil Return

a. It may be caused by the jam of the Oil seam. Then Remove the pressing bar for cleaning is because of the coarse of the seam. Then adjust the pressing bar and polish oil seam With oil stone.

5. The Oil Seeds cannot be Put into Pressing Chamber

a. the moisture of the raw material is too high. take them to the sun or just dry
b. The screw surface is not smooth. Grind the screw shaft with gauze or just Wipe with dry slag

6. Chamber Burning

There are many reasons for the malfunction, for example, low raw material moisture content, the high rotational speed of the shaft and high temperature of the machine. Then Improving the oilseeds moisture content, changing the pulley, reducing the speed fluctuation and controlling the body temperature of oil press is necessary.