Automatic Screw Walnut Oil Press

We are expert in the Oil Press Plant. With years of experience in the design, export, and installation of numerous oil refinery plants across the world, we are expert in the manufacture of edible oil refinery plant for both large and small oil production plants. We are a reliable oil production manufacturer and supplier from China. We offer continuous oil refinery plant with the most competitive prices. Walnut oil press is a kind of Automatic Screw Oil Press Machine.

Features of Automatic Screw Walnut Oil Press

1. Can be used for both hot extrusion and cold extrusion.
2. High oil yield and good condition of oil cake.
3. High purity of the edible oil. As equipped with two vacuum oil tanks to filter pressed oil, the finished oil is of high purity.
4. Sanitary and dural. The automatic machine is made of carbon steel.
5. Safety and convenience. The whole process is controlled by a PLC system, making it safer and easy to operate.

Tips about Automatic Screw Walnut Oil Press

Automatic screw walnut oil press is designed for medium oil mills. If you are planning to be an edible oil manufacturer, don’t hesitate to buy our automatic screw oil press. One time investment, permanent profit.

What is Walnut Oil?

walnut walnut oil walnut-oil

Walnut oil is vegetable oil extracted from walnut kernels, it belongs to edible oil. Walnut contains up to 65-70% of the oil. First of all, the woody-oil plant, which is well known as “tree oil depot”. Make use of modern crafts to extract the essence of walnut — walnut oil. Walnut oil is natural fruit oil juice, which selects superior walnut as raw material, as well as makes use of the international leading technology to extract. In the international market, walnut oil is well known as “Oriental Olive Oil”, also is popular with the consumer as well as olive oil.

The Nature of Walnut Oil

Walnut oil is light-color and delicate in flavor and scent, with great quality and high nutritive value. Its fatty acid configuration is similar to breast milk, easily to be digested and absorbed. What’s more, it is advanced health edible oil during childhood development period, women pregnancy period and postpartum recovery period.

The Nutrition Content of Walnut Oil

Walnut oil contains more than 92% unsaturated fatty acid, more than 56% linoleic acid omega-6, more than 14% linolenic acid omega-3, it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin D etc. The acidity is less than 0.5, it is delicate in flavor and scent, especially suitable for the baby’s stomach.