The oil crops are mainly annual crops, such as soybean, peanut, rapeseed, sunflower, sesame, etc. Otherwise, cottonseed, linseed, hempseed are also oil material. The perennial oil crops, like olive, palm, coconut and tung tree, takes second place. The distribution area of the oil crops are the same as the grain crops. The oil crops are planted in the areas with a dense population all over the world, but of different crop varieties. Limited by natural conditions, the individual oil crops are comparatively centralized. The biggest producers of oil crops in the world are America (soybean, cottonseed, and peanut), China, India (sesame, peanut, and rapeseed), etc. The developing countries occupy an important position of the world production of oil crops: four fifth of the peanut and sesame, three fifth of linseed, 70% of hempseed, one third of rapeseed, one fourth of soybean and 100% of palm and coconut, as the same time which are the important exporters of the oil crops. Western Europe and Japan are the biggest importers in the world bacause of the low yield.
Soybean is an oil crop of largest circulation which covering 30% of the production. The soybean exports of America, Brazil, Argentina make up 92% of the world exports. The figures demonstrate that the market for vegetable oils has been transformed in recent years, catapulted by growing demand for edible oils. It has become a pattern of three markets: the full-blown market mainly in the traditional importers like European Union, Japan and Taiwan, the growing market represented by China which increasing the imports rapidly and the emerging market represented by India.
Rapeseed oil is the third vegetable oil in the world, standing side by side with soybean, sunflower seed oil and palm oil as the four major oil of the world. The main countries of rapeseed oil production are China, Canada, India and European Union. But except Canada and Australia, most of the rapeseed oil is for local consumption.
Peanut is one of the most important oil crops in the world, second to rapeseed in cultivated area, which holds the pivotal status in word oil production. The cultivated areas in Asia, Africa and Americas cover 99.7% of the world. The countries of largest cultivated area are India, China and Nigeria, and of biggest production are China, India, and America.
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