The Main Productive Technology of Vegetable Oil

In the modern time, the main productive technology of cooking oil is expression method and lixiviation process.

Expression method is to rely on physical pressure separate oil from oil bearing materials; the whole process does not involve any chemical additive; ensure product safety, health, no pollution. Expression method contains cold pressing and hot pressing. The difference between cold pressing and hot pressing is that whether use high temperature in the process. Hot pressing using high temperature, can improve oil yield, but damage nutrient. On the contrary, cold pressing do not use high temperature, relative low oil yield, nevertheless, the nutrient is complete.

Lixiviation process is using solvent oil (6 solvent naphtha) to soak oil bearing materials fully, then extraction oil in high temperature conditions, through “six-de”  technology(namely derosination, degumming, dehydration, decoloration, deodorization, deacidification) to process and become product oil. The greatest feature is the high oil yield, the low cost, the price below the expression method’s. But, the high temperature refining technology lose natural vegetable oil flavor, fat-soluble vitamins will be damaged, moreover remain traces of 6 solvent naphtha. A clause in the new national standard that about the extraction salad oil solvent vestigital class 1 or 2 not more than 10 mg per kg as well as class 3 or 4 not more than 50 mg per kg. This shows that qualified product oil still contains naphtha vestigital.

According to your need you can choose the right vegetable oil machine as well as pure and healthy edible oil.