small edible oil mill plant

Small Oil Mill Plant Introduction

Small oil mill plant mainly includes oilseed roasting machine, oil press machine, and edible oil refinery. We could customize the oil processing plant according to your raw material and desired handling capacity. The edible oil production line can process more than 20 kinds of oilseeds such as peanut, soybean, sunflower seed, palm kernel, copra, rapeseed, castor seed, flax seed, cottonseed, corn germ, sesame, walnut, pine nut, argan nut, mustard seed, moringa seed, camellia seed, jatropha seed, etc. The capacity of the edible oil plant is up to 100 tons per day. We could send two engineers for on-site installation, commissioning and training.

edible oil production factory

Features of Edible Oil Processing Plant

  1. Easy operation, low energy consumption, low investment, small land occupation.
  2. We could customize the oil mill plant according to your oilseeds and capacity.
  3. 3. The edible oil production line has wide applications and is suitable for most oilseeds.
  4. We could provide on-site installation, commissioning and training.
  5. The edible oil processing plant can work 24 hours per day.
  6. Adopt a screw elevator to feed the oilseeds, which can increase work efficiency and savor labor.
  7. High oil yield, high-quality oil suitable for long time storage.

Main Machines in Edible Oil Production Line

1. Oilseed Shelling Machine

Some oilseeds have shells which have to be removed before pressing. Our peanut shelling machine can shell the peanuts by rubbing force, separate the shells and kernels by wind force and then separate the unshelled peanuts by gravity separating screen. The unshelled peanuts are shelled again. The shelling rate of the peanut shelling machine is higher than 95% and the crushing rate is lower than 5%.

peanut shelling machine

2. Oilseed Cleaning Machine

The cleaning sieve can remove stone, dust, defective seeds and other impurities in the oilseeds. The aim of oilseeds cleaning in small oil mill plant is to improve the quality of oil and cake, increase the oil yield, increase the handling capacity and protect the equipment.

oilseeds cleaning sieve

3. Oilseed Roasting Machine

Rotary roaster machine is used in the edible oil plant for heating the oilseeds which could increase the oil yield. The roasting machine can be heated by coal, gas or firewood, having a large heating area, uniform heating effect, and fast roasting speed, greatly increasing the service life of the roaster and improving the roasting quality.

rotary roaster machine

4. Oil Press Machine

  • Automatic screw oil press can press the oil out of the oilseeds and then filter the crude oil. The machine consists of an automatic control system, pressing part, transmission system, adjusting part and vacuum filtering device. It features high oil yield and pure oil.
  • If you choose to use screw oil press in the oil processing plant, the frame oil filter is suggested for crude oil filtration. The filter press can bear large pressure and is safe to use. It is also suitable for filtering the bleached oil.

automatic oil press machine

5. Edible Oil Refinery

Edible oil refinery plant can turn crude oil obtained from the oil press machine into the refined oil with good color and high quality. The plant includes a degumming process, neutralizing process, bleaching process, and deodorizing process. The refining process can remove phospholipids, free fatty acids, pigments, odor substances and other impurities in the crude oil.

crude oil refinery machine

6. Edible Oil Filling Machine

Refined oil can be filled into bottles by edible oil filling machine. There are automatic and semi-automatic edible oil quantitative filling machines. Adopts double speed filling, first fast and then slow, ensuring the filling speed and preventing overflow.

edible oil filling machine

  • The automatic quantitative filling machine is equipped with a touch display screen, frequency controlled conveyor belt, auto capping machine, and vacuum anti-leakage device.
  • Semi-automatic quantitative filling machine mainly consists of an air cylinder, oil cylinder, and electrical control element. Adopts piston type quantitative method. The machine can be used alone or with capping machine.

Part of Edible Oil Plant for Instance(for 24 hours)

Name Raw Material Crushing Capacity
(Tons per Day)
Refining Capacity
(Tons per Day)
Peanut Oil Production Line Shelled Peanuts 20 TPD 10 TPD
Sunflower Oil Processing Plant Shelled Sunflower Seeds 20 TPD 8 TPD
Coconut Oil Production Line Copra 10 TPD 5 TPD
Palm Kernel Oil Plant Palm Kernel 5 TPD 3 TPD
Soybean Oil Plant Soybean 20 TPD 3 TPD
Canola Oil Processing Plant Colza Seeds 30 TPD 10 TPD

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