November 2011, Bulgaria , 1 T/D Oil Production Line

//November 2011, Bulgaria , 1 T/D Oil Production Line

Two Automatic Screw Oil Presses and One Oil Refining Machinery

1. Help the customer choose the suitable raw material.

The customer sent an inquiry to us in July 2011 for a machine to press corn oil. In the beginning, there was a misunderstanding for the raw material. The customer thought the corn oil was pressed out from corn kernels, but actually, it was extracted from corn germ. After a short explanation, the customer had a clear understanding of the raw materials and found a local corn germ supplier successfully.
oil making machine

2. Provide a customized turnkey solution and sign the contract

Then by the cooperation with sales department and technical personnel, finally we customized a solution with 2 automatic screw oil press of HRSD-120A and 1 set of oil refining machine which were very suitable for his production and also saved much investment for him. After we signed the contract, the customer said highly praise of our company, he said we were really a trustable manufacturer and our salesman had rich professional knowledge which saved him much trouble, looking forward to having a long-term cooperation.

oil refinery equipment for exported

3.Fast shipping and considerate after-sale service

Through the hard work of our workers, we finally delivered the machine to the customer 10 days before the delivery time. Several months passed, we regularly call back and know about the machine’s working condition. Our customer has been very satisfied with not only our machines but also our service. Now we are not only in the relationship between seller and buyer, but also friends. Of course, he often introduces his friends who need to learn about oil press to us and some of them have also become our customers.


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