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Automatic Screw Oil Press


Automatic screw oil press absorbs the advantages of traditional screw oil presses and improves not only its design but function. It applies to hot extrusion and cold extrusion; can press over twenty kinds of oilseeds; Easy to operate and maintain.

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Screw Oil Press


Screw oil press can process a wide range of oilseeds such as sesame, flaxseed, rapeseed, peanut, soybean, etc. The compact design, competitive price, easy operation, and maintenance make it a popular oil press for small and medium-sized oil plants.

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Hydraulic Oil Press


The hydraulic oil press wins much popularity because of the advanced design compared to the traditional hand-operated way; used for pressing high oil seeds like sesame, almond, and palm; works in a shorter time but has high oil yield and purer oil product.

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Oil Seeds Roaster


Oilseed roaster is used for hot extrusion. Some oilseeds which are suitable to hot express will have high oil output and qualified edible oil; computer controller device to adjust temperature, advanced lubrication system ensures machine operate smoothly.

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Vertical Cooker


The vertical cooker is suitable for continuous cooking of various oilseeds flakes in oil pressing and solvent extraction process. Automatic material charging, convenient control.

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Frame Oil Filter


Frame oil filter is used for filtering dregs from the crude oil and improve oil quality. The stainless steel material ensures the oil sanitation. The small body makes it widely used in many oil mills and plants.

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Leaf Oil Filter


6YB series leaf filter is a qualified oil bleaching and purifying machine with enclosed structure, 2-30„é°filter area, and precision clarification. The vibration deslagging oil filter is applied in petroleum, oil, paint, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries.

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Soybean Extruder Machine


Soybean extruder is mainly used for oil pretreatment in the oil&fat industry and is also used in processing raw materials such as expanded soybean powder, grain, and corn in feed processing. It is an ideal equipment for the purpose of reducing equipment investment, raising production, reducing energy consumption and improving the product quality of oil plants worldwide.

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