Automatic Screw Oil Press Introduction

Equipped with automatic temperature-controlling and oil filtering device, automatic screw oil press is more efficient and labor-saving. The automatic screw oil expeller is designed for medium oil mills, if you are planning to be an edible oil manufacturer, don’t hesitate to buy our automatic screw oil press. One time investment, permanent profit.

6YL-68A oil pressing machine

Model 6YL-68A
Power 5.5 kw
Capacity 50 kg/h
Weight 330 kg
Dimension 1300*1100*1200(mm)
Screw diameter 68 mm
Inner Diameter of Pressing Chamber 70mm

6YL-80A edible screw oil extraction machine

Model 6YL-80A
Power 5.5 kW
Capacity 120 kg/h
Weight 600 kg
Dimension 1600*1250*1500(mm)
Screw diameter 80 mm
Screw speed 35~40(r/min)

6YL-95A seed oil expeller oil press

Model 6YL-95A
Capacity 3-5 tons/day
Power 7.5 kw
Dimension 2050*1050*1850
Weight 940 kg

6YL-95A-1 industry screw oil press

Model 6YL-95A-1
shaft speed 28-38r/min
Power Matching 7.5kw or engine 15-18HP
Vacuum pump 0.75KW
Capacity 4-5T/day
Weight 950kg
Dimensions 2260*860*1880 (mm)
Material alloy steel/ cast steel
Oil yield 30%-50%
Residue oil rate < 6%

6YL-100A automatic seed oil press

Model 6YL-100A
Power 7.5 kw
Capacity 200 kg/h
Weight 800 kg
Dimension 2000*1450*1700(mm)
Screw diameter 95 mm
Shaft speed 35~40(r/min)

6YL-120A automatic oil extraction machine

Model 6YL-120A
Voltage 380v/ 50Hz/ Triple phase
Power 11 kw
Capacity 200-300 kg/h
Dimension 2150*770*1800 mm
Weight 900 kg

6YL-120CA Automatic Screw Expeller

Model 6YL-120CA
Power 15 kW
Capacity 350 kg/h
Weight 1000 kg
Dimension 2200*450*1700(mm)
Screw diameter 120 mm
Screw speed 35~40(r/min)

6YL-130A automatic oil mill machine

Model 6YL-130A
Power 18.5 kw
Capacity 500 kg/h
Weight 1200 kg
Dimension 2400*1600*1900(mm)
Screw diameter 130 mm
Shaft speed 35~40(r/min)

6YL-160A commercial vegetable oil making machine

Model 6YL-160A
Power 22-30 kW
Capacity 800 kg/h
Weight 1350 kg
Dimension 2550*1600*1920(mm)
Screw diameter 160 mm
Screw speed 35~40(r/min)

Automatic Oil Press Machine Application

Automatic screw oil press is widely used to process rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame, sunflower, grainy oil plant seeds as well as corn germ, etc. into a high-quality edible oil. 

oil seeds can be processed by this automatic oil expeller

Automatic Screw Oil Press Features

1. Can be used for both hot press and cold press.
2. High oil yield and good condition oil cake.

oil products made by the automatic oil expeller
3. High purity edible oil. As equipped with two vacuum oil tanks to filter pressed oil, the finished oil is of high purity.
4. The wear parts such as the pressing rings, worms are made of the carbon steel which is under the process of heat pretreatment, making them very durable.

spare parts of industrial screw oil machine
5. Safety and convenience. The whole process is controlled by an electric cabinet, making it safer and easy to operate.

Video Show of Automatic Screw Oil Expeller