Hydraulic Oil Press-Suitable for Home Use

Different from screw oil press, hydraulic oil press is featured by its flexibility and efficiency. A hydraulic oil press is considered to be ideal oil-pressing equipment for home use. The fast pressing process ensures you eat fresh and assured edible oil at any time.
Have abundant oilseeds?
Want low-price edible oil?
Do start with our hydraulic oil press!
High oil yield and low cost! 

hydraulic oil expeller

Model AMS-190
Max Work Pressure 55Mpa
Heating Ring Power 2.3KW
Heating Ring Temperature 70-100℃
Dimension 995*900*1600 mm
Weight 1050 kg
KN Pressure 1900KN

Hydraulic Oil Press(Specialized in sesame oil) Features

1. AMS hydraulic oil press is most suitable for processing sesame oil, while other oil seeds like walnuts, camellia, pine nuts( the peeled one is the best), almonds, etc. can also be pressed.
2. The main component is equipped with high-quality silicon-manganese material, ensuring reliable operation and long service.
3. Low energy consumption and little maintenance cost.
4. High oil yield, especially for
sesame oil.
5. One pressing process only needs 8-12 minutes.

Hydraulic Oil Press

Hydraulic Oil Press Operating Cautions

1. Clean up the tank, and add enough hydraulic oil before the operation. Check bolts to make sure it is loose or not.
2. Preheating is necessary before oil squeezing. The preheating temperature is 50–70 degrees in summer & autumn, and 70–90 degrees in winter & spring.
3. The operator should not leave the machine when pressure is rising. When it reaches 55Mpa, the motor will stop working, or else you should turn off the power immediately.

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