ZY Series Large Scale Oil Press Machine Overview

This ZY series large mechanical oil press machine uses physical mechanical pressing to press oil out from high oil-content oilseeds, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, castor, cotton seeds, rape seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. Single oil press machine capacity ranges from 10T/D to 200T/D.

The oil press machine is equipped with steaming and roasting equipment which can heat the materials to an optimum temperature before being fed to the pressing cage to achieve automatic edible oil production. It is the best choice of oil press machine for continuous production in the edible oil production line.

Main components: Vertical steamer, feeding mechanism, squeezing cage, squeezing screw shaft (including the cake adjustment mechanism), and transmission.

Large Scale Peanut Oil Pressing Production Line

ZY Series Oil Press Machine Features

1. Large Processing Capacity ranges from 10T/D to 200T/D.
2. Perfect Design, Easy Operation, and Durable Service.
3. Combined Steaming and Cooking.
4. Automatic and Continuous Production.
5. Higher quality oil and oil cake. Steady oil yield
6. Better adaptability, and flexible production.

Cottonseed Oil Press Machine

ZY Series Oil Press Machines

HTZY-24 Large Edible Oil Press Machine

Capacity (ton/day): 40 – 50
Residual Oil: 10% – 18%
Power: 30 kW
External Dimension (mm): 2900*1850*3640

HTZY-28 Large Edible Oil Press Machine

Capacity (ton/day): 140-160 / 40-60
Residual Oil: 14%-18% / 7%-9%
Power: 75kw / 55 kW
External Dimension (mm): 3705*1040*2800

HTZY-32 Large Edible Oil Press Machine

Capacity (ton/day): 260-300 / 100-130
Residual Oil: 14%-18% / 8%-10%
Power: 110kw / 90 kW
External Dimension (mm): 4100*2270*3850

HTZY-276 Large Edible Oil Press Machine

Capacity (ton/day): 50-60 / 60-70
Residual Oil: 6%-8% / 8%-10%
Power: 75 kW
External Dimension (mm): 3705*1040*2800

ZY Series Large Scale Oil Press Machine Application

This ZY series screw oil press machine can be used alone to press various oilseed, or used for pre-pressing and twice pressing in the edible oil production lines. Depending on the type of oilseed, we use different methods of oil pressing.

The Basic Edible Oil Press Process.

1. The conventional oil mill plant: oilseeds – Cooking – pressing – crude oil
2. Hot Press oil mill plant: oilseeds — roasting – pressing – Filtration – Edible Oil
3. Cold press oil mill plant: oilseeds — full oilseeds press — filter — cold pressed oil

Single Pressing: Also called full pressing. The oil could be extracted as much as possible. The oil residual in cake is around 5-7%.
Pre-pressing: 70% of the oil will be extracted, and the oil residual in the cake is around 15-18%.
Hot Pressing: Cook the oil seeds before pressing to extract more oil.
Cold Pressing: Keep the temperature between 60 and 70℃ to prevent protein denaturation.

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    ZY Series Oil Press Machine Processing

    The whole oil press process from feeding, steaming, and heating to oil and cake discharging, is fully automatic and continuous. You just set the temperature, oilseed moisture, and oilcake thickness, the oil production will be processed automatically.

    1. The meal is fed through the inlet opening (1) into every stage of the steaming cooker (2), (3), and (4).
    2. The meal is gradually heated and stirred by the stirrers in the steaming cooker (2), (3), and (4).
    3. Discharged from the outlet (5) into the feed head (6) at the bottom.
    4. The oilseed meal is delivered to the pressing cage (7) to be pressed
    5. The extracted oil flows through gaps between cage bars into the oil screw conveyor (8) and thence to an oil reservoir, whereas the oilcake is discharged at the rear of the oil press machine.

    ZY Series Large Oil Press Machine Flowchart

    ZY Series Large Oil Press Machine Flowchart