6YB Series Leaf Filter Introduction

6YB series vibration deslagging filter a kind of oil filtering equipment with high-efficiency, energy-saving, enclosed operation, and precision clarification. It is widely used for filtering crude oil and decolorization oil. Here are the positive factors of 6YB blade filter: unique design structure, small volume, high filtration effect, good transparency and fineness of the filtrate, low material loss, no consumption of filter paper, filter cloth or paper core, but only a small amount of filter aid (so the filtration cost is very low), convenient operation, easy to maintain and cleaning. Widely used in petroleum, oil, paint, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries, our blade filter has various types&capacities, the filter area from 2 square meters to 30 square meters of the oil filter is provided for users to choose.

6YB blade oil filter machine

What is the Vibration Deslagging Process?

As the filtration yield of the white clay mixture increases, the filter cake layer becomes thicker and thicker, the filtration resistance increases, and the pressure inside the tank rises. When the pressure gauge on the upper part of the filter is 0.4Mpa, the white clay mixture should be stopped from being transported to the filter cylinder. Open the air compressor, the air is sent into the filter cylinder through the overflow pipe and the overflow port. Under the impetus of air pressure, the residue oil in the filter cake is gradually pressed out and returned to the decolorizing pot or the stirring tank through the pipeline. After about 30 minutes, the filter cake is dried enough and the air is stopped from being feeding into the filter. When the upper-pressure gauge is shown as 0Mpa, the butterfly valve is opened, the vibrating system is started, and the slagging is started. When the slag is discharged, the butterfly valve and all valves are closed, and the next cycle of filtering starts.

cooking oil leaf filter machine

Three Advantages of Blade Oil Filter for Your Business

  1. It adopts special stainless steel composite woven screen structure for filtration, eliminating the need for filter cloth and filter paper, reducing the input of production cost and reducing the loss for
  2. The use of vibration slagging device for removing slag, no need to manually clear slag, reduce workers’ work hours and save labor costs, provide the workers with a comfortable work environment, and improve work efficiency.
  3. It uses pipeline connection system, to achieve full-closed filtration, the entire filtration process is environmentally friendly, clean, pollution-free, creating a comfortable and hygienic workshop environment, to meet the requirements of the environmental protection department.

Oil Filter Working Principleblade filter structures

The 6YB closed filter consists of a cylinder, a filter screen, a lifting structure, and an automatic slagging device. The filter screen is made of multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh and is installed on the central of material collecting tube for easy removal and washing. The filter adopts pressing filtration method, firstly, the filtrate which contains the filter aid is pumped into the filter cylinder through a transfer pump to form a filter cake on the filter screen. The filter cake layer can provide numerous micro-channels, and the filtrate is clarified and filtered through the micro-pores of the filter cake layer. Then the clear filtered oil flows through the internal passage of the screen to the oil discharge pipe, under the action of the pump thrust, finally, it flows through the pipeline to the finished tank.

Functions of Leaf Filter

Our leaf filter can be used for bleaching oil and crude oil filtration of salad oil and cooking edible oil. It is normally applied in an edible oil production line with screw oil press machine.

Application of 6YB Series Blade Filtration Machine

oil filter machine application

  • Petrochemical: polyether, diesel, lubricating oil, white oil, transformer oil
  • Mineral oil and base oil: dibutyl ester, dioctyl ester
  • Oil: crude oil, bleaching, gasification oil, winter oil, etc.
  • Food: gelatin, salad oil, starch, sugar juice, monosodium glutamate, milk, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical: hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, glycerin, etc.
  • Paint: varnish, resin paint, real paint, 685 varnishes, etc.