Peanut Shelling Machine Introduction

Our peanut shelling machine is an ideal auxiliary machine in the peanut oil processing line. Featured with a large capacity, and a high peeling rate, our peanut shelling machine enjoys good performance either in independent function or in the peanut oil processing line.

automatic agricultural peanut shelling machine

Model AMS-400 AMS-800 AMS-1500 AMS-3000B AMS-3000C
Capacity 400kg/h 800kg/h 1500kg/h 3000kg/h 3000kg/h
Shelling rate ≥95% ≥98% ≥98% ≥99% ≥98%
Cleanness rate ≥97% ≥97.5% ≥97.5% ≥99% ≥97.5%
Power 2.2kw 4.0kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 11kw
Weight 137kg 330kg 700kg 1080kg 850kg
Dimension(mm) 1200*660*1240 1520*1060*1660 1960*1250*2170 2540*1360*3000 2150*1560*2250

Peanut Shelling Machine Features 

1. The peanut shelling machine is equipped with a conveying part, ensuring a smooth and continuous function.
2. Compact design, little land occupancy.
3. Low damage rate, and high peeling ratio.
4. Easy operation and reliable performance.

Working Principle of Peanut Sheller Machine

Our peanut shelling machine is of sealing rubber plate cylinder. In the process, the spindle drives the parallel bars clicked under the screen wherein the peanuts get rubbed with the bar and stripped off. Then the kernel and the shell flow from the below screen hole and get separated by the fan.

peanut shelling process

How to Improve The Shelling Ratio Of Peanut Shelling Machine

As for the peanut shelling ratio, two factors are very important. One is the shelling machine quality, the other is peanut moisture. As China’s most reliable manufacturer of peanut processing equipment manufacturer, we ensure the premium quality of our groundnut shelling machine, so the other factor of peanut moisture is the key reason. In order to achieve a high shelling ratio, you must be sure that the peanut is neither too dry nor too wet. If you use a peanut shelling machine in winter, you’d better spread water on peanuts. Taking 100 kg peanuts, for example, you need about 20 kg of warm water to spread and cover them with plastic paper for 10 hours. If the peanuts are too dry, put them in water for a dip get them out cover them with plastic paper for one day, and put them under the sun for a while.