Screw Oil Press Machine Introduction

The screw oil press is a popular type of oil press machine, mainly composed of a feeder, gearbox, pressing chamber, and oil receiver. Some screw oil press machines are equipped with electric motors as required. Pressing chamber is the key part which contains a pressing cage and a screw shaft rotating in the cage. An electric cabinet is also necessary to control the whole working procedure. Make full use of your abundant oil seeds and start a low-investment business, don’t miss our screw oil press. 

6YL-68 Mini cooking oil making machine

Model 6YL-68
Power 4-5.5 kw
Capacity 50-60 kg/h
Weight 140 kg
Dimension 1000*538*1050(mm)
Screw diameter 68 mm
Inner Diameter of Pressing Chamber 70mm

6YL-80 screw oil press with the best price

Model 6YL-80
Power 5.5 kw
Capacity 85-125 kg/h
Weight 330 kg
Dimension 1320*540*1020(mm)

6YL-95 mini Oil Press

Model 6YL-95
Power 11(kw)
Capacity 125-200(kg/h)
Weight 600(kg)
Dimension 1620*630*1260(mm)
Inner Diameter of Pressing Chamber 95(mm)
Shaft speed 28~38(r/min)
Voltage 380(V)
Residue oil rate in Oilcake 6~8(%)

6YL-95-1 screw oil extractor

Model 6YL-95-1
Power 7.5 kw
Capacity 150-200 kg/h
Weight 420 kg
Dimension 1610*615*1260(mm)

6YL-100 cold pressed oil extraction machine

Model 6YL-100
Power 7.5 kw
Capacity 150-200 kg/h
Weight 420 kg
Dimension 1640*640*1200(mm)

6YL-120 screw oil presser

Model 6YL-120
Power 11-15 kw
Capacity 180-300 kg/h
Weight 580 kg
Dimension 1820*570*1320(mm)

6YL-120C seed Oil press machine maker

Model 6YL-120C
Power 15(kw)
Capacity 300(kg/h)
Weight 520(kg)
Dimension 1750*570*1320(mm)
Screw diameter 117(mm)
Inner Diameter of Pressing Chamber 120(mm)
Shaft speed 35~39(r/min)
Voltage 380(V)
Residue oil rate in oilcake 6~8(%)

6YL-130 cooking oil maker machine

Model 6YL-130
Power 18.5 kw
Capacity 400-500 kg/h
Weight 760 kg
Dimension 1980*680*1460(mm)

6YL-150 screw oil press expeller machine

Model 6YL-150
Power 18.5(kw)
Capacity 400~500(kg/h)
Weight 760(kg)
Dimension 1980*680*1460(mm)
Screw diameter 127(mm)
Inner Diameter of Pressing Chamber 130(mm)
Shaft speed 35~39(r/min)
Voltage 380(V)
Residue oil rate in Oilcake 6~8(%)

6YL-160 oil extracting machine

Model 6YL-160
Power 22 kw
Capacity 600-800 kg/h
Weight 980 kg
Dimension 2020*700*1480(mm)

Screw Oil Press Features

Different from the automatic screw oil press, this screw oil press has its features and markets.
1. Made of high-quality steel, wear-resistant and easy to clean.
2. With the properly designed pressing chamber, the increased pressure in the chamber highly improves working efficiency.

screw oil press machine

Why Choose Screw Oil Press Machine?

1. Wide application: an ideal machine for pressing various oilseeds, such as peanut, soybean, sesame, flax seed, etc;
2. High oil yield: the oil output is 35% – 50% higher than common oil press.
3. Low residual: the oil residual in the cake is only about 5%.
4. Little land occupancy: only 10-20 ㎡ is enough.

what oilseeds can be processed by this screw oil extractor

Working Video of Screw Oil Press Machine