Vertical Cooker Overview

The vertical cooker is a continuous machine for wetting and cooking the oilseed flakes from the flaking roll. Using the oilseed steam cooker can meet the oil pressing and oil solvent extraction process requirement, increase the oil yield and improve the quality of oil and cake. The machine can also be used as a softening kettle to soften the crushed oilseeds to increase the flaking quality. Vertical cooker adopts steam or heat conduction oil as the heat source. The diameter can be 1.2 m, 1.5 m, or 1.8 m, while the number of layers can be 3, 4, or 5. It’s ideal for continuous oilseed softening and cooking equipment in medium and large cooking oil plants. Automatic material charging, convenient control.

Vertical Oilseed Flakes Cooker

Vertical Oilseed Flakes Cooker

Features of Oil Seeds Steam Cooker

  1. Large handling capacity, small land occupation, low power consumption, convenient operation.
  2. Each layer of the vertical steam cooker has an access door for convenient maintenance.
  3. The gearbox of the oilseed cooker has a stable drive, low noise, and long service life.
  4. Fast temperature rising, the temperature and moisture are easily adjusted.
  5. The oilseeds steaming cooker has a good cooking effect.
  6. The vertical cooker is suitable for cooking peanut, sesame, copra, sunflower seed, rapeseed, cottonseed, camellia seed, soybean, corn germ, etc.


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    Vertical Steam Cooker Structure

    Vertical Steam Cooker Structure

    Structure of Oil Seeds Steaming Cooker

    The vertical cooker is superposed by 3, 4, or 5 layers of single-layer steam pot. The oilseed cooker is mainly composed of a pot body, steam line, vapor exhaust pipe, stirring device, automatic charging door, and transmission system.

    1. Each layer of the steam pot has a side jacket and a bottom jacket. Indirect steam is introduced into the jackets to heat the materials. The steam is adjusted by the valve at each layer to control the material temperature.
    2. Each layer has a pair of stirring scrapers which can ensure a uniform cooking effect. The scrapers are driven by the vertical shaft which is connected to the motor through the speed reducer and coupling.
    3. The direct steam nozzle at the top layer sprays the direct steam uniformly into the materials to control the moisture content.
    4. Each layer of the steam pot has a vapor exhaust device to eliminate the water evaporated during the cooking process.
    5. There is a pointer at the outside of each layer to indicate the height of the material layer. The automatic charging door at each layer can control the material charging. The bottom layer has an adjustable discharge door.
    Oilseed Rotary Cooker Machine

    Oilseed Rotary Cooker Machine

    Oilseed Vertical Cooker Machines

    Oilseed Vertical Cooker Machines

    Oilseed Steam Cooker Operation

    1. Before starting the machine, check each layer of the oilseed steaming cooker and remove the debris. Adjust the charging door to the required position. Usually, the material amount in the first and second layers should not be less than 80% of the pot volume, to achieve the aim of cooking. The material amount in the rest layers is about 40%, which is convenient for eliminating the water during the drying process.
    2. Start the motor for idle running. Check whether the operation of the vertical steam cooker is normal.
    3. Open the condensate valves to drain the condensate in the side jackets and bottom jackets. Open the steam inlet valves slowly to preheat the pot. Close the charging door at each layer. Feed the materials and spray the direct steam.
    4. When the material level in the first layer reaches the preset height, open the charging door to charge the material slowly to the second layer. Then charge the material layer by layer till the last layer of the oilseeds steam cooker. By this time the automatic charging door at each layer starts to work normally. Check the temperature and moisture content of the discharged materials and adjust in time according to the technological requirements.
    5. When stopping the machine, stop feeding the materials first and empty the materials at each layer. Meanwhile, close the steam inlet valves. Finally, stop the motor of the vertical steam cooker. In case of an emergency shutdown, stop the motor immediately, stop feeding the materials close the steam inlet valves, and then empty the materials from the access door.