20T/D Soybean Oil Plant

Introduction to Soybean Oil 
Soybeans are a primary protein source for feeding livestock. Soy oil is available all year round thanks to the plenty soybean production. It’s the most popular edible oil in people’s life because of the little flavor which is an advantage because it won’t interfere with the taste of food. 

Main Machines in Soybean Oil plant 

1. Soybean Roasting Machine 
Shelled soybeans are very hard to be pressed. Roasting increases the nonbiodegradable intake protein of soybean from 25% to 60% and reduces the soluble protein from 40% in raw beans to 10%. 
2. Soybean Automatic Oil Press 
This soybean automatic oil press machines have simple design, easy and continuous operation, high productivity and low residual. It’s very suitable for small and medium soybean oil manufacturers and farmers. 
3. 3T/D Soybean Oil Refining Machines 
Crude soybean oil contains some phospholipid(1%-3%), sterols(0.7%-0.8%) and protein which will react with oxygen easily. Crude soybean oil can not be stored in long time before refined. Soybean oil refining machines have the functions such as degumming, dewaxing and bleaching. As the oil extraction rate of soybean is much lower(up to 15%), we recommend a 3T/D oil refinery machines for 20T soybean raw material.

soybean oil

soybean oil refining process

Serving 24 working hours

Raw Material

20t Soybean seeds

Soybean Oil


Features of Soybean Oil Plant 
1. High oil output and low residuals.
2. All machines can be customized by your requirement.
3. Suitable for various oilseeds such as sesame, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds.
4. Professional guide on oil production.
5. Fully automatic oil machines save labor and time.

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