20T/D Sunflower Oil Plant

 Introduction to sunflower seed oil
The oil content of sunflower seed is average 30%-45% mostly in sunflower seed kernel. Sunflower seed oil is advanced nutrition oil due to the large amount of necessary monounsaturated oleic acid which has the function to active cells and cytothesis. Refined sunflower seed oil is pale yellow and contains plenty of vitamin E, sterols, linoleic acid.

Main machines for 20T/D sunflower oil production line
There are mainly there processing steps in sunflower oil production: Pre-cook ---- Extract -- Refine.

 1. Sunflower seed roasting machine
In hot press oil production, it’s necessary to pre-heat sunflower seed for high oil extraction rate. Shelled sunflower seeds have special nuts aromatic smell after roasted. Hot pressed sunflower oil are easy to store and full of original nut flavor.
2. Sunflower seeds
automatic oil press
Adopting mechanical pressing methods, sunflower seeds are pressed in fully squeezing action. Without any chemical solvent, pressed sunflower oil has kept original nuts flavor.
3. 8T/D Sunflower
oil refining plant
As the oil extraction rate is lower than peanut, the capacity of refining machines will differ too. To 20t raw sunflower seeds, a 8T/D oil refining plant is enough. Sunflower oil processed by automatic oil press are crude oil filled with pectin(protein, phospholipid) and free fatty acid. Only processed by refining machines can sunflower oil have best taste.


sunflower seed kernel

sunflower oil

Serving 24 working hours

Raw Material 20t Shelled Sunflower seeds
Peanut oil 8t

Sunflower oil processing machines features
1. All machines can be customized by your demand.
2. Suitable for sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybean, sesame and other oilseeds.
3. The capacity of refining machines vary according different oilseeds’ extraction rate.
4. Highly automatic machines save time and labor.
5. Sunflower oil processed by this oil production line are healthy and easy to store.


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