• What is an oil press?

    Oil press (also called oil extruder) is a machine for extracting oil from oil plant seeds. The oilseeds are supplied to the press continuously and under a large pressure, edible oil is squeezed out of these materials.

  • How long have you been engaged in producing oil press?

    We have been producing oil press machine over 10 years. We have stable customers and markets all over the world. Africa is one of the areas where most of our machines are delivered. Amisy oil presses are widely used by village cooperatives and small-scale rural industries specializing in producing cooking oil.

  • How many kinds of oil presses do you offer?

    We offer a wide range of oil presses, including various models of screw presses, integrated oil presses, and hydraulic oil presses. We offer tailored oil presses to the individual client’s requirements. The auxiliary machines and spare parts back up oil presses are also available in Zhengzhou Amisy.

  • How many oil seeds can the press crush per day?

    The crushing capacity varies from the raw materials to be pressed. Generally speaking, it is around 13-18 tons.

  • What can I do with the crushed oil cake?

    You can sell them. They are often used as fertilizer or animal feed. In some regions, it is used as boiler fuel as a means of reducing energy costs.

  • How much oil do you usually get from one ton of rapeseeds?

    Approx. 250-300. It depends on the original oil content/moisture content/cleanliness of the sample.

  • How does an oil press work?

    The seed is placed into the feeder either by labor or by a conveyor. Then through the huge pressure or violent motion in the closed press, the original structure of oilseeds are broken and a series of changes happened inside. Finally, the oil is expressed out of the oilseeds.

  • What is the difference between cold pressing and hot pressing?

    Cold pressing is temperature controlled below 120°F (49°C) during the pressing process. It is used for oils with a more delicate flavor that could be negatively affected by the heat of regular hot pressing, such as virgin olive oil. Hot pressing generates heat in the range of 140 to 210 degree F, and this heat is not regulated. However, the oil output is higher as applying this method for oil pressing.

  • What do I have to do to start the press?

    The press should be free of all products, with no oilseeds in the hopper. Release any pressure in the chamber and start press motor. Introduce the product into the screw and increase pressure to the desired level.